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  • Just have to share the stoke . . .


    I frequently visit this forum as a multiple Firewire owner and enjoy the benefit of learning a tremendous amount about so many different models. Usually I do not post but today I simply have to!

    Here is why. After a long deliberation I decided to buy a Sweet Potato. It was a 5'4" size for a 5'11" tall guy, 78kg, 42 years old of intermediate skill. My main concern was the length of the board as the shortest I surf is a 5'10" Twinny Fish. Nevertheless, I decided to open my mind (paying attention to the board volume rather than unusually short length) and get one.

    So, I took it out on 2-3ft clean conditions. In all honesty, I was a little disappointed. Well, indeed as expected, the board paddled beautifully. It also straightaway felt a part of my body despite the small size, which was a nice surprise. It duckdived well and, again as expected due to the previous forum reviews, it turned awesomely. So why disappointment? Well, despite all the advantages the board simply did not feel to have enough acceleration from the start. Every single wave it just felt it needed time to pick up speed unlike my twinny. Another disheartening find was lack of looseness. It simply did not feel loose enough however hard I tried to move it about. I remember thinking:"Oh we'll, maybe I am expecting too much by wanting it to be as skatey as my twinny." So, I settled with that. The hope was, of course, that the next session would be different.

    Unfortunately, it was not. 3-5ft slow moving junky conditions this time and although the board negotiated a number of flat sections incredibly well whilst maintaining all the above mentioned advantages, once again it just would not pick up speed fast enough. Once speed generated it did go though but that feeling of initial sluggishness was driving me nuts. So, I settled thinking maybe it's my surfing style that is incompatible with this design after all. The thought of parting with it definitely entered my mind but not before I try it with much acclaimed Indofins, Controller Quad model.

    Today was my 5th consecutive session with the Indofins. And?


    From the first wave with the Indofins, about a week ago until right now, I cannot stop smiling. The difference I found is profound to say the least! The board now picks up speed immediately. And every time. It turns as well as it did with SF4's but now it skates too!! It's beautifully and ever so effortlessly loose. Finally, no more hard trying or stressing when riding this board. Its intuitive, seemless and easy. I have surfed it now in 2-6ft conditions of various quality waves (approximately 40 rides) and have a strong feeling this will be my most frequently used stick. I am absolutely amazed that a board of this size commands such drive, speed, manoeuvrability, and control (particularly in a larger conditions than recommended).

    I in no way intend to regard SF4's inferior to a Controller style fins for this board. I accept in most likeliness the Indofins simply suit my surfing style more. However, the difference experienced has been nothing short of shocking.

    Firewire guys, I thank you for this, if not the prettiest, certainly the most intriguingly effective water craft I have ever had a pleasure of using. Cannot wait to get out on it again tomorrow!


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    Love your work Mirks! feeling stoked for you


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      Only got 5 high tide 2'ers to test the Indo fins on this morning but I'll concur with you Mirks.
      I liked the speed out of the gate and easy looseness with these fins compared to the Stretch's in the same kind of waves.
      Definitely THE fins to have in the spud when its smaller.
      I reckon I'll still use the Stretchs when its bigger or put in a rakier rear fin in with the fron Ido fins to gain hold in the tail.
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        SF4's? = F4 futures?


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          Stretch PC Futures.
          God knows where I got that SF4 from????
          Sorry about that.


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            I haven't liked the indo fins controllers on my Dom so much, but I'm not much of an experimenter, and like thrusters. Good to have them in the kit though if I ever get a SP.


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              great stuff everyone!!

              Thanks for the great words!


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                The FCS version is called SF4 Pete.

                Sounds like I may have to order up a set of Controllers. My Sweet P should be here next week!


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                  Great write up...

                  I found the same with the Indo's. The spud was amazing with SF-4's in bigger surf, but felt like it was dragging in the smaller stuff. Got a pair of Indo's and the little thing was flying like a rocket.

                  For those comparing... here's a shot with the SF-4's and Indo's.

                  Simply Magic.

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                    Has anyone compared the INDO fins to the MRTX set-up? Just curious as the INDO fins may be the way to go.



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                      i felt exactly the same way when i first got the SP. had the stretch quads in it at first and it felt slow and slid too much, I was initially disappointed. got the controllers shortly thereafter and found myself riding the SP almost exclusively in anything under chest high. the controllers feel like they were made for this board. not sure what it is about them, but the controllers give you a familiar and reliable thruster type feeling.


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                        I have the controllers in futures and they have worked well from the start. The board is very explosive out of the gate and still very loose. My pnator takes over in stomach+ but the controllers really add another gear in small weak waves.


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                          yeah bumps


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                            Just placed an order for a set of Controller-Indo Fins :)


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                              What size medium or large?