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SP sizing for a tall guy, help?

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  • SP sizing for a tall guy, help?

    Hey guys, after doing quite a bit of reading I'm deciding which sweet size would be best for me. I'm 6,3 but only weigh 170. It looks like a 5,2 or 5,4 should float me just fine but with my standard short board being a 6,2. And my spitfire a 5,10. dropping down to 5,2 is a bit intimidating. I'm intermediate-advanced, looking for a small wave board to have fun on when the spitfire is just not quite enough to catch waves easily. Just scared of how my feet would line up on such a small board.. Any advice/help would be awesome!

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    I'd go 5'4". We ride similar boards, I was on a 510 Dom but dropped to a 508 Spitfire. I've got a 502 Sweet Potato so I think the 504 will be a safe bet for you. You could go 502 if you want a little skateboard but if you're worried about size the 504 will work well.


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      get on the prj-train....what?

      No i agree with him here!



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        I am 6'3" 185 and I ride a 5'6" and love it. Get the 5'4" and you will be stoked!


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          thanks guys! any fin preferences?


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            Future Controllers get mental reviews. But depends on your style a little.


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              yeah absolutely does. they are high area fins with a lot of sweep so think of a carving style where your fins remains engaged. not the frees of quads but great for speed and carving...