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  • Good for beginner??

    hello i m an intermediate beginner , before i was surfing with a 7' but i ve stop since 2 years.
    Is the sp can help me to progress on small wave ?


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    The SP will not be the easiest board to learn on. It's possible, but something like the Addvance or Dominator will be more user friendly.
    The SP is very fast and very flat making it quite unforgiving for learning.


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      Agreed with PRJ here!!!.


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        I pick up my SP tomorrow, and haven't surfed one yet, but I imagine it is like many quad or twin fish designs with a very flat rocker. What this means is that the pop up can be more challenging since the board is so fast and wants to run on you. This gets confirmed every time I hope on a normal thruster. Think of it this way, a thruster is intentionally made to be a slow board, so it holds you in the pocket. This makes it much easier to get up because it holds for a brief second as you pop up. A fishy type board wants to start flying down the Face of the wave right away, which makes it harder to get up and your feet on the board. Sometimes it makes you look like a kook if you aren't careful. A dominator in a 3 fin configuration would be much easier to learn on.


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          From what I can see I reckon the Addvance would be the best board in the Firewire line for a beginner, unless they are super light.

          No disrespect to firewire but for an adult pure beginner transitioning off a soft board I don't think there's an ideal board in the line. But then again aside from durability a low beginner really won't get any benefit out of a Firewire construction - I should wash my mouth out but maybe an NSP mid length or similar would work as well for less. Then transition to a firewire for the next board.


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            I agree with PRJ & IGGY, I reckon you should have a good look at the Dom! The Dom will get you into plenty of waves which is a good start, its stable on pop up & rather forgiving if you miss your footing a touch! I'm sure it will help you progress your surfing & although it is not a tiny wave rider it goes well in the small stuff! The Dom will prove to be a much more versitile board than the spud. I have a spud & a Spitfire (based on the Dom), I have also Demoed the Dom a couple of times & really enjoyed its solid smooth flowing style. Try to get your hands on one in person or better still grab a demo & hit the waves! Have fun!


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              ok thanks all for the replies;That will help me to choose.
              But i m not a real beginner , i ve done 4 years of surf but i ve stop since 3 years to only do bodyboard ( waves are good here for that ) .I m an intermediate level but i m little afraid of surfing with my old shortboard ( made when i was lighter ;-) ). I will try an sp and an dominator to choose.

              Thanks a lot guys