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Indo fins vs sf-4's vs whatever i could find at the time.....

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  • Indo fins vs sf-4's vs whatever i could find at the time.....

    For those looking for fins for the lil' Spud, here's some observations.

    I rode a 6'2", 5'10", 5'8" and finally settled on the right size for me, 5'6".

    When I got the board, I didn't have fins (long story), so I used 4 thruster FCS G-2 fins from my older thrusters. While these fins made some serious drag, they worked ok in surf that had enough energy, but I wasn't flying around like I had with proper fins.

    So next, the SF-4's go in that I borrowed from the buddy I sold my 5'10" to. WAY less drag, good hold. Never felt a fin give.

    Finally the Indo's show up. I ordered these from the Aussie e-bay site. Customer service was amazing. After I ordered them, I sent an e-mail and immediately received a response back that they had some fins available and they were sending them out. Twice I checked on the status via e-mail and received a response. They even sent them express so I would get them by the weekend.

    I had a set of controllers on hand, so I could do a comparison between the two.

    Overall, they look very similar. The differences are subtle, but definitely there.

    The Controllers are very sharp and are manufactured to a much higher tolerance. You can tell every angle of the fin is exact and there are no blems. The Indo's however, being hand made, have sand paper scratches on them, and areas the glass didn't cover. They are much softer in overall appearance and the rear fins have foil while the controllers have a definite edge to them.

    Now, as I just recently met a guy at the beach who was stabbed by his fins in the inner thigh and had to go through surgery... maybe a duller fin is a better thing.

    I never got to try the Controllers as they are going back to the shop, but.....

    The INDO fin's are amazing. So much drive with each turn. As you can see in the photo's the INDO's sweep back way farther than the SF-4's. That sweep allows the board to build tremendous drive with each turn. I never felt much pivot (the reason I've always hated fish) unless I was completely flat and tried to turn, but in those cases I needed it. They hung on the rail with as much force as I could give em on cutbacks. I'm sold on these fins....

    Whether it's Futures Controllers or the FCS copies from Indo, It's the best I've had yet, although I haven't tried the MRTX ;)


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    All right I'll play.
    Just went and hit the "Buy it now" on a set to try.
    I know JaM71 loves them as do many others in the Futures so after your glowing report that had the magic word "drive" in it I couldn't resist trying them any longer.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    I have another quad that I'm sure they will work well in too.


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      Would love to see them next to a set of H2's. Have you thought about the MRTX set-up? I am running that and really like it alot.


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        i might try these as well... cuttle give a review when u surf em


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          I am keen to give these indo controlers a go as well, I am still not totally satisfied with my SP fins. Do you know if the indo controlers would be large enough for a bug guy(96kg) on a 508?


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            If you go to the Future website, you'll find the Controllers there. They categorize them as size large and you can also search for a fin by putting in your body weight.

            I ran it up to 240 lbs and the Controllers were one of the few fins that popped up. The indo's are copies of the Controllers, not as sharp, but they are close enough you should be fine with them.

            They held great and I weigh 195-99 lbs depending on beer intake that day.


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              Ride report will be forthcoming.
              Waiting on 2 thiings.
              1. Fins to arrive.
              2. Ocean to come alive again after flatlining.


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                Hey, just bought a used FST SP 5-6 with fcs plugs, no fins. I'm 5'8" - 150 lbs. Need recommendation on what fins to use. Plan to buy the fcs indo controllers. Wave conditions are variable from 1-2 and 2-3, etc. Thanks.


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                  i like my indo controllers, but my favourite fins are my c-drives, ordered from aus with current exchange rate was fairly expensive (free shipping though!) compared to the indos but they have me going fast as iv ever been, look kinda funny but they are my pick


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                    Hey Matt_s what size c-drives did you go for? Same size as ur regular fins or did you get bigger than usual to match off the super wide tail


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                      anyone else finding the indo copies floppy/flexy like cheap plastic fins???.. love to try them with proper fiberglass stiffness...shoulda waited for a futures spud..


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                        Yes original controller from futures fins are much much better than indo copies and perform a lot better in my opinion....cheers...


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                          WMck9 I got Front Mediums with the bigger of the two sets of rears (I think they are called QM, they had two options when i bought them) they have a huge base on them! very solid feeling. I emailed troy at c drive and they were what he recommended for my weight, also there was some other guys ridng them on the forum at the time so I worked the size off that, I actually got them for my EF and stuck them in the SP when I got it, I like them better then the indo fins, I find them super drivey with great hold, email them at the website for more advice on sizes if your interested


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                            Thanks for the info Matt im looking for that solid hold more than anything, like Core and custom i found the construction of the indo fins let down the potential of the template. I might even down size my bp, get it in fst and with futures, I havent been able to click with it yet which i think is due to a combination of size/volume, fin and the need for a heavey back footed approach.


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                              I'm sizing down also and switching to a BP, my sweet potato is a beast at 5'2 when u weigh 70kg, I clicked with it from the get go but hoping for even more magic from a down size. Recon switching to futures and getting the real controllers would be a good move if your downsizing.