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Sweet Potato test drive

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  • Sweet Potato test drive

    Friend let me sample his 5 08 Potato. To be fair, the waves were really soft and hard to catch. Not used to riding a board this short. It seemed to paddle well, but so far not too sure about this board. Board actually felt really slow and didnt have zip I was expecting. The board has future Controllers on. Hopefully I can try it on some decent waves to get a feel of this board.

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    my first impressions of the SP were similar until I got my foot placement and weighting over my back foot wired. As soon as you lean back the thing just takes off!


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      True prjwebb, I have it for a week or two, so hopefully I can try it a few more times. I do surf off my backfoot, so I am hoping I can find the sweet spot on this board. Takes some adjusting to get used to riding such a short board. On my my first wave, I almost stepped off the board!!! Anyway, its no loss cause its just a demo board.


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        Rode the potato today by myself in waist to stomach high waves. Got a couple decent ones but the bottom line is I just dont like a super short board! After a few waves i figured out the footing, but I much prefer my Dom. The extreme short and stubby feel doesn't feel natural to me.


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          yeah the potato is an extreme shape and, i agree, isn't going to be for everyone. Thanks for the feedback Hanalei.


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            I figured i give it a shot Chris. The funny thing is I jumped back on my Dom and it almost felt like a HP shortboard!!! LOL Want to try an Demo a Potatonator. The narrow nose and longer length might work better for me!