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  • Size for a Sweet Potato

    Im 6'2" 235. Im thinking about the 602 but want some feed back. How small can I go and still catch more waves than everyone else. I want to catch a shit ton of waves in small crappy surf, thats my goal with this board.
    Thanks for your help

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    hey trocket,
    i think if you want to maximize the number of waves caught, the best bet would be to go with the 602. You can look at the 600, but if you really want to out-paddle long boarders and catch tons of small mushy and weak waves, then go 602!!

    Hope this helps!!


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      Thanks Chris, will the 602 still perform if the waves get more juice and a little more size? I feel i got the weight to throw it around but I have not even touched the board yet.


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        yeah but keep in mind that the potato is designed to master small surf. i have about as little volume in my potato as possible and I still only ride it to about stomach high. Any bigger and I am getting after another board. It does really come down to what kind of waves you are going to be in...