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Got me a sweet potato!

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  • Got me a sweet potato!

    Well, for those that have seen my posts...

    I've ridden a 6'2", 5'10" and 5'8" Sweet Potato.

    I bought the 5'10" after testing out a 6'2" and a 5'8" in good So Cal surf. Then I got it in what it's made for, gutless 1-3 foot slop, and found it too big.

    Sold it to a beginner friend (perfect for him) and ordered up a 5'6" with Futures Controllers.

    She came in today, and the idjuts sent me a 5'6" rapid fire with FCS!!!!

    So for the time being, I'm using 2 sets of full size fins from my older thrusters. I'm planning to order the Indo fins as they are about as close as you can get in FCS to controllers.

    Testing it out tomorrow, and we'll see how the little gal goes.

    Thanks all for the advice so far.

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    Don't wish to be rude but what do you weigh I am having his size dilemma at the moment. I have just returned from demoing a 5 6 in really weak slop . I found it paddled fine, not to different to my 6 6 Dom but there was just not enough volume to float me once up in this weak wind slop surf.


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      Funny you say that. I tried out the 5'6" in 2-3 foot wind slop today and the board paddled well, but didn't have the drive I felt in the 5'8" and 5'10".

      Now, as the shop that shipped me the board with FCS inserts instead of the futures I ordered, I didn't have a quad set to use. So I used some old thruster G2 fins in the front and the back. It felt like the board had a parking brake left on. I took off the two inside fins and it felt a bit better, but was a bit out of control.

      I have to hope that when I get the new fins, all will be well.

      I'm 36 YO, 6'0" and 198 lbs. The 5'6" should be plenty for me according to the advice on here and the Firewire website, so time will tell.

      Indo fins arrive this week.


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        A little test drive for the GoPro on thw 5'2" Potato today


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          Hope the fins do the job for you dude. I may have a secondhand 5 10 availible to me, fingers crossed.


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            Stoked on the support A.Vern. Yeah I think you would be best on the 506 or 508 depending on your weight. Give it a few sessions though and see if the wrinkles can be ironed out...


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              A. Vern
              I'm headed to S. Padre Island later next week. Is there a shop there that has demos of these things? I have tried calling the one listed on the Firewire site, but nobody ever answers and the e-mail address doesn't work. I think the SP would be an ideal board for the conditions I tend to see on the cams from there.


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                I'm not sure of any dealers in Texas that demo these. I bought my 5'10" from Bird's Surf Shed in San Diego when I was back home visiting. Once I got back down here, I ordered the 5'6" through as they had $59 dollar shipping for the SPUD (too bad they sent me the wrong board!) I'd let you try mine, but unfortunately I'm in North Padre, South Padre is a good 180 miles away.

                And you're right, the 5'10" was perfect for the Gulf Coast conditions, hopefully the 5'6" will be just as good once I get fins that work with it (INDO's on there way).
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                  To follow up...

                  The controllers came in, and so did some better swell.

                  It was still weak Gulf swell, but gave me a better chance to evaluate the 5'6" and the fins.

                  First day, I rode the 5'6" with the 4 G-2 full size thruster fins. A bit draggy, but not too bad.

                  I swapped out for my buddies SF-4's. Much better, but the next day I tried out the Controllers copies (i.e. Indo fins). Amazing drive and feel. I definetly like these over the SF-4's. Board rode great, I wouldn't want anything bigger than a 5'6", although, when it's gutless, the 5'6" isn't enough and it would be good to have the extra float of the 5'10'.

                  Thanks all,

                  I've found the right board for the Gulf Coast!


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                    Looks like fun!