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  • SP - quick fin question

    Rather than hijack someone's thread with a quick (and possibly daft) question. I have just picked up a RF 508 that comes with FCS SF4s. Not having a lot of experience with quads or boards of this shape (!), how have people found these fins working out? Any one tried switching them around (front to back) or is that just defeating the purpose of the design?

    For reference, I am 36, 175lb (80kg) and 5'10" . I know the 508 is possibly/probably big for me, but I want it as a super small wave board and I chose it in lieu of a longboard. I wakesurf and wakeskate as well, so prefer the feeling of short boards. Most of my surfing is done in relatively weak waves on the south coast of the UK. Any fin (or general) advise welcome.


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    SF4s are a good fun fin for that board. They keep it loose and snappy. If you find yourself wanting more drive you could switch the fronts for something like the MRTFX.


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      MRTFX are good fins for the potato


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        You'd only put the larger fronts in the rear plugs if you wanted more hold in the tail.
        I use sf4s in my 5'8" and they are great. But i have 12 kgs on you.
        If you want a more responsive feel in smaller stuff you could also put in flat sided (no foil on inside surface of fin) fins in the rears.
        They sf4 double foiled rears may feel a little "doughy" in small waves if you're on an overized potato fkr your weight.


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          Many thanks !


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            thanks for the help everyone!