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Anyone try the Rasta Futures on the Sweet?

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  • Anyone try the Rasta Futures on the Sweet?


    My buddy who has been surfing a year tried out my 5'10" Sweet Potato and is hooked. He's buying my 5'10 and I'm going to down size to a 5'6".

    I'm going to get a Rapid Fire rather than the FST this time, so do I go with the Controllers or the Rasta's?

    I've heard great things about the controllers, but nothing about the Rasta's on the SP... anyone try it yet?




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    Have a set of the controllers and they work GREAT on my 5'2". I reckon those rastas on a small sized board must be quite some fun!!


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      Thanks for the input. I went with the safe option and bought the controllers as I had seen yours and many other positive reviews on those fins on the SP.

      Board should be in this week....

      5'6" Rapid Fire with Futures. Last time I talked myself to go too big and went with the FST for durability. This time I'm going short and for the snap that I've felt in the 6'2" RP I demo'd. Hopefully the bamboo won't fall apart on me. I'll post up with how he 5-10 to 5-6 change out works.


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        Don't worry, give it some love and you'll be loved back!!!
        The Rapid might develop foot wells earlier but those stabilize an once on, they are actually quite helpful!!!
        Remember to surf that board with your back foot away in the back of the board!!!


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          Thanks for the tip on the back foot. When I tried the 6'2" out I made sure to do just that and it helped make the transition to the sweet seamless. Also, it turns out I'm a back foot orientated surfer, something I didn't even realize until the love affair with this funny looking board started.

          As for the footwells, I don't mind those, I've just seen some horror stories about the deck de-laming, but it seems like a rarity.

          What's the deal with heat and the Rapid Fire, do you have to be even more careful than with the FST?


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            No more no less. Heat could be the enemy of any type of board.To put things not perspective, I would not leave my dog on a sunny day inside a car sitting on direct heat


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              I'll have to be careful down here with the Gulf of Mexico heat. Hoping for some good hurricane swell this summer, as long as it doesn't hit land fall in Corpus.