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    just wondering what you sweet p riders think of the upcoming baked version? obviously without riding it , will it eventually replace/trade ya sweet p or be to similar to bother, just about to pull the pin on a sweet p, but agonising over the waiting period for the baked, is August the release date stil? worth the wait?

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    Hi suncoastslop,

    I had an interesting conversation with cuttlefish the other day as i love this genre of board. I have a sweet p but have been borrowing a mini simmons. I havent been so impressed and prefer my sweet p, Cuttles words of wisdom were that the sweet p is a modern update of the 1950 s simmons design. When i laid the two boards side by side bingo! I could see it. Its hard to say without fondling or testing the baked potato but personally i like the look of it, aesthetically it is very pleasing to my eye. I am hoping that it will be another modern design tweak/improvement on the simmons design. If its not, i ll keep my sweet p.......My sweet p is a year old now so i feel an upgrade would be justifiable!!!!!
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      To clarify The tweak i d like to see is the ability to go up and down easier, laterally they surf unreal.


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        yeah i agree there as well jam. the baked potato will help with that a bit as the tail is a little more pulled in and the potatonator addresses that issue even further. remember at the smallest end of the wave spectrum, you have to give in area to benefit in another.