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  • Comparing dominator to sp

    Hi, i have read most threads in this forum and i am just fishing for a bit of feedback. I am 5'11" and 100kg plus wetsuit base in the uk .I currently ride a 6'6" Dom and am happy riding this in anything above thigh high.I am torn between buying a 5'8" or a 5'10 sp. i would obviously like to demo one but i dont know anyone with one to lend or to hire from.I have always felt I could have gone for the 6'4" Dom as my 6'6" feels like it has a little too much foam. As for my riding standard I would say I am a advanced beginner / intermediate ,being able to turn and pump for speed and making fairly steep drops. I will be wanting this board for poor weak uk summer surf. If anyone has any suggestions they would be most welcome .
    Thanks, Chris.

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    Knowing what i know about bigger guys here in CA, i think you'd be happier going for the 510. One of the guys here at the office is about the same weight, a touch heavier and he goes for a 600.

    I think the added volume of the 510 gives you more benefit in smaller surf than the reduced volume of the 508 does. That being said, if you are in great paddle shape and want to maximize performance i think you could get away with the 508.

    cheers and hope this helps a bit.


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      Where abouts are you based in the UK? Down The Line in Hayle, Cornwall have a 5'8" Sweet Potato available to demo.


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        Right on PRJ


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          Cheers guys for your input . I am in the north west.Secret spot in Scarborough have a 5' 6" that I am going to try in the next couple of weeks think I will go for the 5'10 though as I am not as fit as I would like to be. Thanks again for the advice.