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How does the Sweet Potato compare to a Mini Simmons?

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  • How does the Sweet Potato compare to a Mini Simmons?

    Just wondering if anybody has tried both and how the compare? There are some Tyler Warren/Mini Simmons videos on youtube that I find really motivating. I want to surf like that!

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    I would say the MS paddled easier but the Sweet P was a lot more fun and added a little more performance. Tyler Warren is sick, he surfs great and probably one of the sweetest guys to watch. Remember though this guy could surf anything and look stylish!


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      Potato moves way more than the mini simmons. It's a matter of con caves and outlines.
      The mini simmons is a more down the line board while the potato will go all over the place


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        yeah good stuff Iggy, i agree with that! pivot points are a little different. That might make the Potato a bit better in smaller surf and the simmons a bit better in slightly larger surf.


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          Thanks guys. That's exactly the kind of info that I was looking for.


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            Hey Chris, has Firewire considered posting videos of people surfing their boards? I can find videos here and there but they are not the kind of videos that tell me how the board was intended to surf. For example, the video of Daniel Jones doing air 180s is cool but it doesn't show me all that much about the board itself and the kind of lines it was intended to draw.