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New Spud FCS fin choices

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  • New Spud FCS fin choices

    So guys I need some feedback on fins.

    The 5'6" spud came with FCS and I would like to avoid dropping another 100- on fins if possible:

    It has M7 fronts with G-1000 rears not sure if those will work but they are similar to the SF4's that both Chris and Chuy ride.

    Here are my other options that I have:

    MRTX: Big ole fins

    G-CRV: the weird carbon fiber looking things

    k2.1: I have an extra set of these as well.

    G5's: Kinda junky looking, probably not the go to fin.

    Any thoughts on what would work vs. what probably will not would be helpful.

    So excited to experience this board I cannot wait for it to be small.

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    I've been using sf4s and very happy with the ride.
    I've tried the crv's in both the front plugs with a plan gxq trailer and as a rear with carbon fronts similar to me tfx. (can't recall model but they were prone to snapping at the tabs).
    The crv's in front felt better but neither set up felt anywhere near as good as the sf4s.
    Tried the carbon with gxqs...still not as good as the sf4s.
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      May have to just get a good set of SF4's.


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        yeah definitely try the k2.1s and see if you can get your hands on some SF4s. Those would be my suggestions!!