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Sweet Potato for my wife.

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  • Sweet Potato for my wife.

    My wife surfs mainly longboards. I would like to get her into more short boarding. I was thinking of getting her a sweet potato but I'm worried it may be a little to advanced for her. She is beginner to intermediate in ability. 5'3 110 lbs. She tends to surf small mushy waves where only longboards tend to work. She can do basic cutbacks and switch foot on a longboard. I think it would be difficult for her to get into short boarding with a conventional short board as the waves she surfs are way too mushy. She can surf our 7'6'' egg no problem. Any thoughts? If so what size?

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    I think she would be better on a dominator rather than a potato.
    I could throw in the mix the advance but it ill be too long and buoyant in my opinion


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      yeah good stuff iggy, the dominator is a decent beginner board, as would be a small Addvance.