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FCS2 Sweet potato - SF4 fins are now much LARGER

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  • FCS2 Sweet potato - SF4 fins are now much LARGER

    Hello everybody,

    I just purchased my new SP 54 in fcs2 , and Im absolutely loving it....
    I have had a couple of 55 BPs before (great board!) , but my latest SP days have been trully memorable ,,,, ;)

    I just realized that the factory recommended SF4 quad fins are now much larger in size than the older twin tabbed fcs SF4 fins (aprox 20% larger - by visual approximation in store).
    So I am a bit worried about purchasing the new fcs2 larger fins.

    Has anyone here tried both the older yellow performance core SF4 and the newer and much larger Fcs2 SF4 fins ?
    Im a bit worried about over-finning the board,,,

    Any feedback would be much appreciated !
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