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Help with sweet potato sizing

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  • Help with sweet potato sizing

    Hey Gang

    I am looking to buy a sweet potato however many of the surf shops around me aren't sure on how to size this board. I have been told to buy a 6'4 and as small as a 5'4. I am 5'10 weighing in at 185lbs. I am going to be surfing it in New Jersey and Virginia. I am planning to use this instead of my longboards. I don't have any short boards to gauge a size jump as I am long boarder. Can you guys give me a some feedback on this? I would really appreciate it.



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    Hey Bill,
    how well do you surf? I think, depending on ability and how progressively you want to surf the board, you should only be looking as big as a 508. NOTHING bigger. You also certainly can get as short as a 504, but that depends on how much you want to challenge yourself.

    Hope this helps get the gears turning.


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      I am not a super star by any means and I don't get a lot of time on the water. You would probably classify me as beginner/intermedate or in the middle of the two. So would a 5'6 be a mistake?



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        506 would be a good call. At 170lbs I demoed a 508 and had loads of fun on it but the size made turns a little awkward. I've got a 502 on the way but considered the 504.
        I'd say 506 would be a nice middle ground for you.


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          What about the Addvance?. If you have been riding longboards the transition from that to the 5'4"-5'6" potato will be quite drastic


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            im 5-10 175 lbs on a 5-4 sp and perfect(altho 5-0 and 5-2 work for me too), DONOT go over 5-6 unless u want a fat boat that wont turn too hot.


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              Hey lycokayaker,
              Yeah i think you are ok, in fact, you may be spot on but getting after the 506. Keep in mind, as you spend more time on it, you'll improve and adjust and will have the opportunity to grow right into the 506...

              I think that is a great call....