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FST v Rapidfire Spud

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  • FST v Rapidfire Spud

    Has anyone else compared the the FST and Rapidfire Sweet Potato?

    Surfed the 5'4" in both today. First thing I noticed was the FST seemed to; feel bigger, float higher in the water, and paddle better.

    Hard to tell if it surfed much different, given the very low quality of waves on offer (small windswell mush).

    Rapidfire felt a bit more like a standard PU board and less like an epoxy.

    I'm keen to hear other opinions, as am definately buying a RF or FST spud soon.

  • #2
    i always find the rapid-fire boards to feel a bit lighter...


    • #3
      You mean in weight? or in maneuverability in the wave?


      • #4
        Agreed, rapid-fire is indeed lighter in weight than FST


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          RF is the money for me. Light and great flex. Having ridden both RF & FST I prefer RF as the FST is to rigid. But that's just meyou got to experience it for yourself, we are all different after all :)


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            Definately agree that the rapid-fire felt a bit lighter. Must be the shell construction (Firewire site says the RF fused eps foam is half the weight of the FST foam).


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              Me on the other hand am a FST advocate jejejej!!


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                i do like my smallest wave boards in Rapidfire because of the lightness, prefer my mid to bigger wave boards in FST because I like the flex and weight a bit better in more powerful surf and when surfing faster...