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  • Size advice....again

    Hey everyone. I had to give up my dreams (and wifey approval) for a Nano, found out I'm going to the TX Coast for 3 years starting next I'm gonna get a SP. From the other sizing advices I was looking at a 5'4 but I'm scared of the length. I currently ride a 5'10 Spitfire in anything chest to overhead and longboard the smaller stuff. I'm 6'0 and around 170 and trying to gain weight, but failing. Is 2.2L more than the Spit enough for a pure groveler in the 1-3' crap that I'd usually log? And I know these are supposed to be ridden small but I'm worried about it being 8" shorter than I am. Thanks in advance.

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    i'm 6 ft and 90kg and its too big.. then again you are on a spit thats too big too.....


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      Ouch....I thought the Spit felt good wearing some type of wetsuit year round lol.


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        I'm your size and rode the. 5'2 in 5 mm rubber. 5'4 should be plenty. If you just want to catch waves and fly then you can go bigger. Smaller will allowed better turning.