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If I love the SP what should I get for waist->overhead

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  • If I love the SP what should I get for waist->overhead

    If I love the SP what should I get for waist high to overhead?

    I used to ride only logs, but got bored of it and tried a friend's SP and loved it.

    So I've got me a Timbertek 5'6" (38.6l) SP and it's really awesome for small stuff, maybe a tad bit too much volume for me (180lbs/5'11"/surfing every day/intermediat) but I totally love it. I surf every day at beach breaks in montauk NY and switch between futures controllers and rastas depending on my mood. Love it. Could have gone with a 5'4" but I'm happy enough so why change? I also like the back footed nature of the board.

    I've also got a Hayden Shapes Hypo Krypto 5'8" that I'm on the fence about... it's 31l volume and floats and paddles fine but seems so different than the SP that the transition is awkward.

    Thing is I'd like to get another board for when things get > waist high that can work well to overhead. Something a little more rear footed than the Hypo Krypto and I love Firewire's timbertek construction so maybe the Unibrow or spitfire?

    Need advice!


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    Get a 5'5 or 5'6 vanguard. 5'7 if you're really worried about a volume number.


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      Originally posted by Phill View Post
      Get a 5'5 or 5'6 vanguard. 5'7 if you're really worried about a volume number.
      Hi Phill - are you serious , go from a 56 SP to a 56 VG - that is ten litres less board, is that really how much volume you can drop to VG. I had 56 SP too and I was thinking I might try a 5'10 VG which is about a three litre drop, is that too little do you think? Thanks Jus


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        Based on the OP being 180lbs and realising that the SP is over volumes but still fun I'd go with that size. A bigger guy who was the right size for a 5'6 SP I wouldn't suggest a 5'5/5'6 VG for. 5'7/5'8 maybe...


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          Ordered two boards: 5'11" UB and 5'3" BP both in TT. The UB is backordered but got the BP out today in Groveling conditions and it's perfect volume for me! Psyched I got it right. Can't wait to try the UB in some good waves.


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            Rasta futures on the BP seem a good mix of drive and turn ability. Got machados to try on the UB


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              Iv got both those fin sets and love them. Rastas in my 501BP, usually with a little tiny nub fin from shapers called darc drive and machados in my 509CC which i still havent got round to downsizing but loved it in our last swell even if it is a bit over volumed

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            I used to ride a SP for small days (replaced it with a potato-nator) and a chedda for up to head high. This combo seems to work good.


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              Got the UB in 5'10" and it's plenty of volume no problems catching waves have machados and Rastas. Took it out in nice overhead hurricane Gonzalo surf and it was gonzo!


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                Hey Montauket, What's the story on the hypto krypto? I'm thinking of getting one. It would be a departure from my firewires (sweet potato & potatonator) but I am looking for a board with a full nose but narrow tail.


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                  The HK just hasn't been very fun and I'm not sure why. One of my friend's tried it and said it had a narrow sweet spot. To me it feels front footed and I'm used to more rear foot designs. It sure is popular so maybe it's just me? Oh and the durability is nothing in comparison with my timbertek boards.


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                    Yeah, I heard the boards are not as tough as FST/TT so I was looking at the futureflex technology but glassed by hydroflex (triple-x). All this cost big $$$ and not sure it is worth it. Firewires are cheap compared that HK!