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    Hey guys,
    i am 16, 6"1 and arround 170 pounds. I am riding a 5'8 dom in everything but tiny waves but recently i have grown some and find the dom hard to surf in anything under waist high. I am thinking about gettin a 5'6 sp to ride in that range waves and just keep the dom for when it gets good. Any advice on what i should do?

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    I wouldn't go any bigger than 5'4. I had a 5'2 at your size but nearly twice your age! As you're still growing and will probably fill out a bit a 5'4 is a good bet I reckon.


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      i know yall say go small but the waves at emerald isle are pretty weak most of the time and im willing to sacrifice a little bit of turning ability for the extra paddling of the 506. i range from lower level intermediate to pretty solid intermediate depending on how much i surf but i gained a lot of weight in muscle during baseball season and dont want to under size the board as i have made that mistake before. I swim competitively and surf every weekend i can. Any more input would be great


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        Agree with Phill dont go bigger than 5.4 but my vote go first at 5.2.I think it will be ok for 170 pounds and 16.Check also board compare will help alot.


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          definitely 504 will be plenty! especially if you ride the 508 dominator.