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Potato as a twin fin

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  • Potato as a twin fin

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has ever tried the Sweet Potato as a twin fin, or heard of anyone who's done it? I have watched a video recently on the Bing Speed Square board and was thinking if the potato could be ridden as a twin fin for really small days. I was thinking on experimenting with the the Future K1 Keel..

    or the VF Rasta Keel...

    Alternatively I could remove that back fins of my controller and see how it feels.

    Any thoughts?

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    I believe the fins are not properly placed for a twin... but it would not hurt to experiment...;)


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      For some reason I like the idea of a SP with a single fin box and side bites. Would probably fail miserably though.


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        Hummm ideas, ideas!!!


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          Hey guys,
          due to the massive width and the bottom channels, the board really does better as a quad. That double concave really isolates one rail and its fins as active and the other as passive. Therefore to get the hold, speed and performance, a quad set becomes ideal.

          In my opinion, for it to work well as a twinny you would want to adjust the placement of the finboxes and reduce the extremity of the double barrel and perhaps pull in the tail.