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Thinking about purchasing one...couple of questions.

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  • Thinking about purchasing one...couple of questions.

    Hey Everybody,

    I have a couple of questions before I grab one of these...

    Has anybody weighed their SP? I have a 5'6" mini-simmons and the thing weighs 11lbs! I feel like that's a lot for a board that short. While I enjoy it, I feel like it really wants to just cruise down the line while my first instinct is to put it on a rail. Anyway, I think the weight (along with the super flat bottom and big twin keels) might be part of this.

    Also, what kind of board bags are people using for theirs? I'm guessing my regular shortboard bag won't cut it.

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    Hey Ron, what's your size and weight???
    The potatoe and the mini simmons are very different boards. The potatoe will squeeze a lot more performance out than the mini simmons, it will allow to tighten your turns way more due to its particular profile (short,beefy,doble concave bottom,stepdown rail).
    To put things in perspective I ride a 5'2'' for my dimensions.


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      Hey Iggy,

      I'm 5'10" and 180. But I'm also in a 5/4 with boots and gloves right now. Will probably try and get to the shop to feel a 5'4" and a 5'6" before I make a decision.



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        I think you are going to be happy with the 5'4". That board packs lot of foam


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          yeah you could go 504 or 506....

          base it on whether you want to achieve higher performance or ease of use in smaller surf. To help, with your decision, I weigh 175, wore a 5/4 with boots and gloves and preferred a 504 in Maine and it worked well for me...