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Rainbow speed dialars

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  • Rainbow speed dialars

    If you have a SP with FCS and have not tried the Rainbow Speed Dialars then you are missing out.

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    Looking good indeed, how are they compared to the indo controllers? And how will these go in a potatonator?

    Safe, Sven


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      yeah rusty!


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        Hey Sven

        The reason I got the speed Dialars is because I had a set of future controllers on my Lost Bottom feeder and fell in love with these fins and the Rainbow fins had a similar outline, plus they are both specialist quad sets.
        Also I had just put my old Bamboo SP out to pasture and renewed her with the white rapidfire version. My old SP had Rusty R2s which worked well so no need for change something that was working well for me. But on my new white rapidfire SP was not feeling quite as lively as my old bamboo SP so I put on the Speed Dialars and wow the board came alive. Before I changed over the fins I found the new board to be a little slower (STILL FAST) slightly less drive and was not feeling great on rail. The new fins fixed both those problems super fast though turns held its line really nicely buttery smooth and drive back to what I expected from the board.
        I have a Potatonator but have as yet not tried them out with either these fin sets but will do and let you know what I think.


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          Ahh great feedback thanks rusty.
          What are you running as your potatonator setup? Finwise.
          And in addition to that; what are your specs, aswell as sp and pn size?

          Surely interested in your findings with the rainbows and pn combo.

          Thanks again,


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            At the moment I have the Kinetic quad set on but I am changing fins every surf might try the H3s next as they are a great all round fin or put on the speed dialars . Im 43 years old 83kg advanced , lets say advanced for my age ha ha as my body is not always letting me do what my mind tells it. Surfing the 5,6 SP and the 5,10 PN , I do not mind the volume for my weight can still bury the rail when required . My lowest volume board now is a 35L 6,1 El Fuego x2 which I use as travel boards as I have said before I think the ELF is the best all round board in the FW range. But I love Fish shapes . Would love FW to come up with a mark 2 El Fuego aye guys?