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  • Sweet potato - northern spain summer funboard


    I am trying to decide on which size to go for , but I think I need some advice before taking the plunge (these boards are quite pricey here !) :

    I am 37 yrs old, 173 cms / 75 kilos (165 lbs) and have surfed for 2.5 years (is this beguinner, beg/int or intermediate?)
    I am in quite ok health condition, but I have already had 2 major heart surgeries, so easy paddling and catching waves in a competitive environment (aka summer beaches) is a must for me !
    On the other hand , I also want a board that is great fun and feels lively .

    Now the question is: can you really have your cake and eat it ?
    How big should I go so I can paddle easily and catch plenty of waves, and how small can I afford to go so these waves are great fun ?
    What size should I go for ?

    (I already have a 6.0 biscuit , but it only comes alive in shoulder height surf and is really quite sluggish when it comes to turns ,,,,)

    Many thanks in advance !
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    I'd look at a 5'4". White Rapidfire would be lighter and more lively but FST is much stronger. FST also goes fantastic but I think lighter is a good thing when it's tiny.


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      I was checking the volume calculator and this are the rec´d volumes I get for a pure stoke board:

      Begin/Inter - 47-52 liters (5´10 to 6´0 Sweet Potato)
      Intermediate - 36-40 liters (5´4 to 5´6 Sweet Potato)

      Im not sure I would describe my surf as intermediate level, as I have the impression I find it a bit harder to paddle than most guys in the water and do not do turnbacks and fancy manouvers: basically I run the wall while going up and down the wave until it is almost about to break and I do the odd floater or hit lip and fall (half reentry as I call them. If conditions are great and waves are perfect I might end up doing a cutback or two, but they are rare and far off between :)

      I have not used a SP before , so I will trust your advice with my hard earned cash, but are you 100% confident that I will be able to fight for waves with a 5´4 mini board against guys using minimals and longboards, and have a blast of a time with it ?

      Many thanks again !
      (and sorry for asking twice, but this board is twice as expensive as my regular pu )


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        I wouldn't go any bigger than 5'6" though if you're just looking to fly down the line it won't matter too much. But if you start wanting to cut back etc then the bigger sizes will be a bit restrictive.
        For reference I ride a 5'2 @ 76kg but also tried a 5'8 in the kind of waves you are describing and had a lot of fun with racing down the line, doing floaters and lip hits but struggled with cut backs. I think the 5'6" would be plenty for you, they are floaty little boards.


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          I rented a surftech randy french quad ( 5´10) in fuerteventura with head high waves and found the board to be very manouverable and fun: it was very skatie and fast, and i could draw very nice lines up&down and some back and forth cutbacks. However , this is not feasible with the 6´0 biscuit as it takes for ages for the board to turn, and by the time im halfway round I need to look back as the next section is about to close my way ,,,,
          I quite understand your "but struggled with cut backs on the 5´8"....

          Should I risk it and go for the 5´4 or play it safe and go for the 5´6 ?
          I will post a vid this weekend so you get a clearer picture of my surfing skills on an average day ,,,,


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            is this the same dimensions as your pod? - 6’0 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/2 VOLUME: 34.1 ??
            I like a few extra litres of volume in my Sweet Potato than my good wave board. I think you'd like the 5'6, but the 5'4 would definitely work for you if you want to push yourself a little more.


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              Que tal b_online, si por casualidad hablas espaniol y tienes cualquier duda aqui te ayudamos.
              Now as PRJ said I would not go any bigger than a 5`6``, that board will float plenty. Are you looking fo a board to cruise around or something for performance in short waves, something maybe to help you progress... if so maybe the baked potato could be a choice


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                b_online i bought a SP with the same purpose with you.
                I'm an intermediate 37 year old surfer, 1.73m ± 72 kgs living in Portugal and I bought a 5'2.
                Before getting it I checked a 5'4 and it looked to have to much volume.
                Consider the 5'2 or 5'4... I wouldn't advise you to go bigger.
                Currently this is the board that I use the most. Bought it for summer but surfed with it all winter.
                Killer fun board!!