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    Hi, I just picked up a 5'4 Sweet potato FST and I'm having a hard time figuring out what fins to put on. It is FCS plugs. After doing lots of research, it seems like the rainbow speed dialers, fcs SF4's, indofins, and mixes of front/back fins are popular. I am 6'0 175 lbs and I don't know where to start with fins. I live in south florida and will be riding often mushy 1-4' waves. Any insight is appreciated, thanks.


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    SF4s are a good start, you can decide from there if you want a looser ride, more hold, more drive etc.
    I think my FCS set up will probably be MRTFX fronts with the K2.1 quad rears.


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      I've tried nearly all the FCS fins going. Try and find a local surf shop that demos FCS. I've got a 5'6" SP and I only use Simon Anderson large quad glass fins in mine. They have everything hold, drive but still keep the board loose. I think just the nature of the size of a board under 5'8" will be loose anyway.
      Tried the MR fins, I hated the feel.


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        rode the mayhem quad today.. didn't like it all that much.. thought the sf4's felt better.. gonna throw them in next time again to compare


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          yeah kdropin, mayhems might be a little big...


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            Originally posted by Chris View Post
            yeah kdropin, mayhems might be a little big...
            felt real "tracky" too.. waves had a bit of hollowness to them too. i think the spud works best when it crumbly with flat shoulders. i haven't had a bad session with the sf4's so i'm going back to them next time i surf the spud


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              I love my rusty r2 quad fin setup in the potato


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                This is one sick board! LOVE IT!:)

                I like the SF4s, but I do feel that they might be a bit too loose and release a lot more than I'm used to ... might just need to surf them more to get used to it. Tried out the PC7s in front with SF4 rear, felt more in control and my turns got more drawn out... but the the board did feel stiffer and less alive, so I'm going back to the SF4s.

                Everyone is talking good things about the Futures Controller fins, has anyone tried these :

                looks like they're a copy of the Controller fins, but no reviews is to be found online...

                Future Controller quad:
                Front - Height: 4.50" , Base: 5.05"
                Rear - Height: 4.53" , Base: 3.89"

                Indo Fins FCS compatible - Controller quad:
                Front - Height: 4.65" , Base: 4.22"
                Rear - Height: 4.41" , Base: 4.02"

                I've read that Furures have cant angle in the fin, but FCS have the cant angle in the plugs.... so if these fins have the same cant angle as the Futures do, I guess they will end up having a lot more cant when installed in the FCS box?

                indofins-controller quad.jpg
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                  Erling, you tried the MR-TFX set in the spud yet?


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                    Prjwebb: no, a friend of me is borrowing them.... might sell them.
                    The FCS plugs in my last dominator got cracks in them, between the tabs. Another fried of mine loves the MR-TFX, but have ripped out two plugs when using them.... so I stopped using them.
                    Looks like the Controllers might be quite big as well though...


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                      I've heard about people ripping plugs with MRs. I think with Fusions in a FW construction board it should be solid, but it leaves you thinking is it worth the risk...


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                        yeah erling the controllers look real similar to the ones in your post....

                        pne thing about bigger fins in FCS plugs, i think its fine, but you just want to be aware of your settings. think FCS and Futures alike both have increased risk of blowout it bigger surf, but not if you surf smart and save. Surf aggressively in smaller surf with big fins and consider a different set or even a different board for bigger waves. No perfect answer though.



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                          Just some feedback on the FCS Controller Quad Fins from for those of you who are interested.

                          I have a 5'4 SP and i really wanted Futures and the Controller fins but unfortunatley there was only SP with FCS available and i didn't want to wait minimum of 4 weeks for a board with Futures.

                          I purchased a set of the FCS Quad Controller Fins from InfoFin and they arrived here in West Oz within 7 day of ordering and cost me $51AU delivered.

                          I took them for a test run today on a fast, small 1ft (and a bit sometimes) wave and found them surprisingly good...they were drivey, had good pivot/turn and seemed to be fast enough and i did prefer them to a couple of other FCS fins i have tried ie. K2.1 Quad and SA Quad set.

                          Couple of pic of them in my SP:

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                            Yup those controllers fit the potato nicely hey?


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                              Yes they are not bad and only $50........tried to delete the upside down pictures but cannot without deleting the whole post.