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sup on a sweet?

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  • sup on a sweet?

    I like to use regular longboards 9''10 to sup cause its a better workout and you can do real turns on the wave. Anyone think its possible to sup on a large spud 6''4 fst? that would be fun

    Im 165lbs 5''11

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    Well, the real question one has to ask is why would you further degrade the act of surfing by SUPing?

    I'm more of a big picture guy and prefer to get to the root of the matter :)

    I kid I kid, well sorta...


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      At a 185lbs I use a PR of 130lts which floats me plenty. Key here is the width to keep balance at low litterage
      It will all depends on your skill level but the sweet potato tail will be too massive in my opinion to put it in the surf.
      I see the Addvance a much suitable shape for SUP than the sweet potato