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How big a factor is height in sizing the Sweet P?

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  • How big a factor is height in sizing the Sweet P?

    Considering picking up a sweet P in a few months and figured I would start doing a little research... I am 6'6" and 195 lbs, and am wondering since I am so tall how big a factor that plays into choosing a Sweet P. I was considering the 5-8 or 5-10 as i have never rode any boards this small before I am a bit skeptical. I will be getting a 6-6 hellfire in the coming month(s) before I get the SP if it turns out to be a good fit. Any advice on sizing would be greatly welcomed.

    Thanks for the insight!

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    6'6"?? damn! Your height will have a big influence in the size. my initial response would be a 5'10 because you are probably lanky? However, the best way to find out is to demo the spud!



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      What's your skill level??. For someone on the intermediate advance it could work. I was also skeptical about going too small on the spud but the 5'2" surprised me (at 165cms I must look like a midget besides you)It's all a matter of getting used to the shorten in length.
      As Hawaii_boi said the best bet would be to demo one, and for sure in your area there must be lots of places for that.
      What about the baked 5'11"?
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        My SP is 10" shorter than me if that's any help. Not sure I'd want any less than that though.


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          yeah at 6'6 and only 195 you definitely are in the relatively small number of surfers where your height likely will have an impact on how you choose your board. The SP is totally a board meant to be ridden short no matter what don't fear too much. I want to say that the 508 would be plenty, but do a gut check and try to hold one. Remember a 508 would be similar to riding a 600-602 classic retro fish shape.

          Because the deep swallow tail of a normal fish is gone, and the board is short, its important to remember to ride with your feet way back on the board. Its a radical shape so it takes some adjustment, but it really is a fun one...


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            Appreciate the feedback... I looked into my local shops but no SP for demo in the sizes needed. COnsidering venturing up or down the coast if i find a shop demoing the size needed. Probably end up going with the 5-8 based on the volume THanks again.