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    Ive currently got the Potatonator 5'10 RF the Spitfire 6'0 FST and a 6'6 Alternator FST.

    I find the spitfire isnt coming out at all any more

    The potatonator is great as long as its above waist height and has a bit of punch

    Im thinking of off-loading the spitfire and grabbing a 5'6 sweetpotato Rf

    Im 5'10 and with wetsuit and gear 90kg

    I was at a recent contest and one chap had his sweetpotato and it had me hankering after one again. the surf was waist high and mushy.

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    I think your thoughts are spot on the money - I say go for it!


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      Go for it, the potatonator and the spit overlaps a bit, for bigger than that you have the alternator. I would go potato 5'4" though, 5'6" might feel a bit too much foam
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        I'd get rid of the potatonator, get a Sweet Potato which will cover you for small stuff, keep the spitfire for medium and the alt for bigger stuff, I think this covers you for more conditions. Personally I find the spitfire covers me from about knee high to a bit overhead, I wouldnt want to surf anything less than knee high anyway. Thats just me personally, as you've already had a sweet potato and currently have a potatonator you know more than me which board you want as I havnt surfed either of them, the question I would be asking myself would be..will the potatonator cover the higher end of the spitfire?. I just wouldnt part with my Spitfire its a magic little board. Good luck in your decision anyway :-)


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          Offload the potatonator and keep the spitfire....aargh!


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            Maybe just sell the spitfire and don't buy an SP! I reckon you have the low end covered with your pnator...give yourself a good talking to! It's just nostalgia pains. Try some different fins in the Pnator to spice it up a bit, spend the cash on an HR instead! Or even a JK!


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              Dont offload the PN...that board has more versatility than a SP every day...another option is to keep PN and Alt ...sell SF and wait to see what comes out next...keep some powder dry son !!


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                IMO the Pnator and the Alt will cover you in good thigh high to overhead +. Sometimes I think I have too many boards to choose from. I wish I could simplify things and just stick with my pnator and hellfire. I should get rid of my dom too but I just can't do it. Chest to head high it's my favorite board hands down.

                If you do get a sp go 5'6. I'm your dims. Had it out today in thigh to waist high clean pealers and it went mental. Better than my pnator. Havn't had the sp out in awhile. I rembered today why I love my sp. Not to take anything away from my pnator. I think it would have surfed well too.

                I think it comes down to which board you like better in waist to chest waves. Spit or Pnator? I'm realizing the pnator is an alternative to the spit or dom not a complimentary board per say. Too me the pn compliments your step up hybrid (HF, HR) or performance short board (MB, ALT, FF). I think If I really comitted to the PN in thigh to waist I would be happy with it. However, when I know I have the SP in my quiver it's hard not to use it in small waves.

                If you like the pnator better or just as much as the spit, dump the spit and get the sp for knee to waist. If you still find the spitfire is your board of choice in chest to head then keep it and make the PNator your small wave board.

                FW Fan has a good point too. If you want to save your money, dump the spit and wait for the next new thing. Sounds like a few new toys are on the way. Tough call though. I can relate.


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                  My vote is for the BP, very versatile and 5 fin option as opposed to the SP being 4 only.

                  The BP is a great board, I just can't seem to get off it these days. Plus the wood grain deck sure makes it perdy!