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  • Potato Advice? baked or sweet

    Greetings and thanks in advance.

    Longboarder, surfed well in the day but an 8 year hiatus kept me from surfing except the yearly surf trip (job landed me on the gulf coast).
    I'm pushing 50 years, 6'3 and 210 pounds. We're now on the central Fl coast and I'm trying to keep up with my teenagers. Stoked that they still want me to surf with them.

    I did my research and was about to pull thge trigger on the sweet potato when I noticed a baked potato sitting there. Liking the improvements, but I wish it came a bit bigger. I don't shred but have loads of experience. The age and low back problems are at least under control, but set some limits. I've been surfing for 40 years, but it has been 15 years since I've been on a shortboard, 20 years since it was my choice.

    Goal is simply to catch lots of waves. I'm coming of a 9'6 antique and I'm thinking 604 sweet if no one convinces me otherwise.


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    That will be way too much volume at your weight. I'm pretty close to your weight and height and ride a 5' 7" The one thing I found is it takes some getting used to the length I used to step off the back when I first came off my old 6' 10". I rode a 5' 10" SP and found it was heaps of float, the BP gets into waves easier for some reason.


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      Today I took my 6'2" SP out in chest-to-head swell and had a blast! Caught as many as the longboarders (waiting outside and paddling in early) and having as much fun as the shortboarders (cutting back, up-and-down, etc.) as the board is very light, fast, and turns well. I'm 60 Yr old, 5'11", about 195 lb in all my gear, and in pretty good shape. Can you try a board first?


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        Baked Potato all day!! Check out the Volume Calculator to get an idea of which size to get.

        I ride a 5'3 baked and 5'4 sweet (5'2 was not available at the time).


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          The local firewire shop does not have one to demo. I've asked around locally (work keeps me travelling alot) and I've even had my friends ask around on recent trips to Oahu and the Outer Banks. I've been asking for about a year without success, thats why I'm asking before the blind leap.

          The volume calculator puts me on the 603 baked at the minimum and the 604 sweet at the max. Care to give dtails between the the 2 ?

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            Be careful with the volumes the new calculator tells you. I found and others have too that once you put in ages over 40 it seems to pump up the volumes and does not take in to account fitness?? Don't mean to confuse you just be warned. Chris should be a guide


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              The volume calculator seems to be more accurate now for us older guys. My guess is they tweaked it recently.


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                Originally posted by Roger View Post
                The volume calculator seems to be more accurate now for us older guys. My guess is they tweaked it recently.
                I still have questions on this myself since they seemed to have tweaked it again. I posted this in the volume calculator section but that area doesn't seem to get much traffic.

                Originally posted by hooked View Post
                Did the calculator change in the last month? I re-ran some queries and the results seem to offer a more narrow range by 3 - 4 liters. If so, was this based on buyer remorse issues? I ask because most forum posts here suggest dropping volume but the calculator is bumping me up. I'll probably lie about my age (50) but don't want to regret it.
                I'm 50 & 77 kg and this change pushed me up from a 34L to a 36L minimum and dropped the max from 41L to 40L (so that might help you).

                I'm more interested in a Potatonator than the Sweet so I'm focusing on the lower end and initially figured 5'8" or 5"10". The new numbers would lead me to believe that the 5'8" would be undersized but I'm seeing posts from heavier guys suggesting otherwise. The age selected plays a big factor in suggested volume moving from 40 on with all other things equal. I'm not ready to accept that...