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Two-board quiver

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  • Two-board quiver

    Hi there,
    I recently bought a 5'8'' SP and loved it in fun summer surf in france... I am now thinking about selling my other boards which are rarely used anyway and buying another Firewire as my "good wave-board". What would you guys suggest since i am 6'1'', 91 kg, 28 years old, travel a lot to surf (france, canary islands, indo...), skill level is average at best, don't really surf waves bigger than 3m...
    What board would you think covers me in most conditions?

    Thanks for your input,


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    Hellrazor is where I plan on going with my "good wave" board to match up with an El Fuego. Basically the Spit morphed into the Hellfire, which was refined into the Hellrazor. Lots of the same kinds of thinking in both boards. Likely makes for a good match


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      It's a tough suggestion as there's quite a leap from the SP to a good shortboard (I dont necessarily mean HPSB).

      I think your realistic choices are between the Hellfire, Hellrazor, Alternator, Mini Driver and Futura. I think any of them would be a great pick, with the Futura and Hellfire being more hybrid.

      Really I think the Hellfire at 6'4" should be great for you, and is likely to be a great transition from the SP. I love the Alt though and that would be great at 6'6". the Futura would probably be best if you're more of a front foot surfer. I have my eye personally on the Mini Driver, which is touted as a great travel board. I've never surfed a HZ.

      As I say though any of those boards would work - the differences are in degree.


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        Agreed there buzzy, the hellfire is what I would go for, 6'4" sounds right on


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          well played!!


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            Or a 6'2 Spitfire, Ive had mine out in 3m (double over head) and its good - though at the time Id have prefered a hellfire


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              thank you so much guys... Just ordered a 6'6'' Hellfire, it just sucks that it won't be here till November... I am already super excited!