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really small waves....5'8

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    ok guys, so i went to dubai- they had a few boards but all too small for what i want! i been looking at the baked P at 5'11 or the sweet P at 5'10?? or even 6ft?

    is sweet p at 46.6ltr volume a whole load of foam :-) should i even look at a 6? remember my little video and photos...waves in the gulf middle east?

    oh last thing..eveyone seems to like the future fitting fins? can you get FST with futures??

    cheers, james


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      I had the 5'8 and it was very floaty for me at 190lbs. 46L is alot for that board. If you read through the SP forum, you will notice most people will recommend going smaller than one might think. Just a thought, gave you thought about a fish. I have the king fish at 6'2 and 44L and it goes well in alot of waves. Ive had it out in thigh high fun waves , fast and hollow waist to chest and shoulder to head high mush and it's ripped. I still surf this board better than any FW I have but I've dedicated myself to becoming more of a backfooted, top to bottom surfer. The King fish Paddles great, super fast down the line and is light enough to smack a lip or close out section and can duckdive fine. Hard to find in stores though but a fish type of board might be alot of fun if you can find it and can't nail down a SP or BP. Good luck


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        its surprising FW have a longboard 9ft at 59ltrs and a 5'10 SP at 46 :-) i think i ill put the effort into a SP! once in a life time :-) thanks for all the help, to be honest i dont have much choice here for boards so will try look into buying one in england


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          ok so now i need help- i want to buy the 5'10 FST white potato, none in dubai..can i order one from firewire which they can make or already have made in thailand? then send it to the dealer in Dubai?

          i spoke to the middle east dealer and they have just had their delivery for the year and didnt include a 5'10 :-( if i get one from england now i wont get it till december when the parents come over :-( this means i will miss out on all the swell coming before then!!
          hows the packaging? anyone had a board delivered in the post before?


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            you could get in touch with the guys at and see how much it'd cost to get a board out to you. I know they send boards out all over the world. They've even had Aussies buying Australian made boards from them and having them sent to Aus because some how it works out cheaper than buying them from Aus in the first place.

            Worth a try. If they don't have what you're after is another good choice.


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              yeah i would suggest the same thing as prj here....