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My Sweet Potato is cracking up!

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  • My Sweet Potato is cracking up!

    Chris and all,

    I have a 5'6" Rapid Fire SP that I've been stoked on for over the last 6 months. I absolutely love the board, but I'm a bit surprised to see the nose cracking apart. I have always put the SP in a airline weight destination surf bag and travel the 5 miles to the beach and back with the board in the back of my truck. I take care not to hit any bumps along the way, but I have these stress cracks that are at the nose of the board, about 2 inches from the point running along the rail of the board.

    These cracks have grown over the last few weeks to point that the board is taking in water. Due to how careful I've been with the board an the location of them, I don't think theres anyway they could of been caused by the travel in the truck.

    Chris, have you seen anything like this? I'm starting to regret not buying the FST model as I'm doing ding repair on a board that's never been dinged.

    Here's a pic... it's hard to catch the cracks, but they run right along the rail and are like little spider cracks.


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    A.Vern, my three week old Spitfire FST has those similar cracks too. The salesperson told me I might have hit the balsa which cause the "spider" cracks!!? My friends two week old Baked Potato has the exact cracks as yours. Do you squeeze the nose a lot when duck diving? That's what the salesperson told him might have caused it =X. FST or Rapidfire seems like they can't get away from spider cracks... :(. Report it to the shop you bought it from a put clear tape on in the meantime.


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      I have very similar looking cracks and bruises too, but I can relate each one to a fall where I have knocked the rail with my knee or arm or head... mine have not showed any signs of water take on though. I repair them as soon as I get them by sanding down the areal and putting a coat of epoxy on them.

      I still get a few of these on my FST boards but no where near as many


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        hey A.vern,
        hit me at the below email and I'll go through the board inquiry process with you....



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          e-mail sent,

          thanks Chris