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Problem with sweet potato

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  • Problem with sweet potato

    HALLO GUYS, i've buy a sweetpotato 5.4 in futur shape for light days windy, i play kite only strapless, i've used my new sweet potato for 5 times and i've just broken it, on the top i've a great depression with broke for 15 cm., on the rail i've another broken for compression about 7-9 cm., on the top is possible to see , not one but a lot of cediment....., i know that this is a surfboard and not a kiteboard, but now , before that i buy the sweetpotato, i use only a surfboard in PU, and its are a big compression, but don't broken, or better, they broken more difficoult than a firewire surfboard, about my experience........, the broken in sweetpotato are only for use not for rocks or other accident.
    my friend have buy a sweetpotato 5.2 in rapid fire and now about 2 months later , broken in 2 parts.........., we are very stressed for this......, because in italy the firewire boards are very expensive and now i've a broken board...............
    there are other guys that use the sweetpotato or other models surfboard firewire for play kite? do you have this problem?
    and for the firewire staff, is possible to use warranty ?
    ok, i wait the answers if its possible....., and excusme for the problems, and for my english

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