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  • 8'11 Submoon

    Just picked one up from surf garage in Honolulu. Wanted something floaty but with performance. The crowds here on Oahu drove my decision to pull the trigger on it. So far so good, however I need to get it into a bit more size. This IS NOT a groveler by any means. So any shop trying to tell you its "the perfect all rounder" is lying to you. My first session was Sunday at Lanis. 5-8ft. There was a guy out there on a 6'2 Submoon that was absolutely killing it. Which was a testament to the performance orientation of the board. Second session was about 4-5 at Lanis. Was riding an AM quad setup. Overall I wasn't disappointed at all, but for a board this size, its awful twitchy and it doesn't paddle as fast as you might expect. Theres just way too much rocker for this to maintain any sort of epic paddle speed. That being said, it does allow you to sit in front of the shortboard mob. So this is a great board to get your arms/shoulders back up to par while still being able to pick off decent waves in a mob and be able to pull off some decent maneuvers. Part of me thinks the quad setup was slowing me up a little so im going to run a 7.5 + 2 side bites on my next session just to see what that does. This is an intriguing board to say the least.