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1st Board in over 25 years..Submoon 9.5

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  • 1st Board in over 25 years..Submoon 9.5

    Well, I finally took the plunge. I grew up in New Jersey surfing for about 10 years and have been away from surfing for almost 20 years except for a few isolated sessions while on vacation. I moved from Jersey to Oregon almost 20 years ago and the ocean has really been calling me back.

    Anyway, after browsing, I came across the Submoon and was super intrigued. I grew up surfing a shortboard but am resigned to the fact that I need some serious volume under me after gaining some weight, will need to be wearing lots of rubber in the coldish waters of the PNW, and am essentially starting over.

    I am hoping this board will serve as a good "beginner" board as I get my legs back under me but then will also have the ability to run it fast in some fun beach break.

    Unfortunately during my research, I applied to the forum and it took almost 2 months to get approved. While deciding, I realize that one of the cons to the board is the rocker / width and the fact that is not a mal-like paddler. I don't know if that issue is applicable to all sizes or if it becomes less or more of an issue at the longest lengths. I've gotten mixed signals from the local surfshop and they were pushing me towards the Special T / Wingnut and I totally get that; however, I couldn't accept the concept of going full on "longboard".

    So I made the purchase through a local shop (who have amazing customer service - thanks Cleanline) but was informed they were out of stock of the 9.5 but could get their hands on the 8.11. I was anxious to get back in the water but felt the 9.5 would be best for me beginning and now have to wait the 8-12 weeks (8 weeks will be mid-August). Ugh.. in my youth I would've just gone with instant gratification but in my years of wisdom, I made what I hope is the right choice.

    Now that I'm waiting I'm back in the pool swimming and trying to get back into "swim" shape so I have a chance in the mighty Pacific. I'll probably just rent a few boards this summer and just get wet until my board comes.

    Stoke and encouragement for this 46 year old getting back at it is welcome.


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    Hi tmwisy17 has the Submoon arrived yet? if so, how does it go?


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      Not yet!!! I'm past the 12 week mark now but my surf shop has been checking in with FW and it sounds like the shipment was delayed a bit and was supposed to arrive yesterday or today at the US factory...Waiting to get the latest update and shipping info. I've been out a few times this summer (live in Oregon) on rented boards (9.5 Mctavish and 9' Torq's) and had fun. Each time was significantly better as the muscle memory is coming back. I also suspect that the boards I rode had much less volume than the 9.5 I ordered and were generally fun. We will see... if it performs half as good as advertised, I think it will be a great board for me.


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        Ughh, just got an update from my surfshop. After asking Firewire for update for the last couple of weeks, they finally got a response from their Firewire rep and they somehow either missed the order or shipped it someone else. To be fair to Firewire, the shop said this is the 1st time that this has happened to them with Firewire, so it sounds like a freak mishap, but that still leaves me without a board for another @#$#@$ 12 weeks...Cleanline is trying to make it right even though it wasn't their fault by discounting the board a bit and hooking me up with some board rentals until it comes in. They also gave me some other options.

        Extremely disappointed at this time with Firewire......


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          that must be very frustrating. I have a feeling it might be worth the wait though - I was told a similar thing, by the way - 16 week wait (I'm in Aus) because the factory was making other boards at the moment and wouldn't be making any submoons until later this year.

          ​I will be interested to hear how you go with it


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            Hey Apolx, do you know anyone personally that has one or what do your local shops say about the board? I'm always looking for insight....Did you end up ordering one?


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              Hey Apolx, do you know anyone personally that has one (or have you seen one) or what do your local shops say about the board? Did you order one? Always looking for insight..Thanks!


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                Hi, I managed to find one, so yeah I do know someone that has one. I've also spoken to a guy at my local break who has a smaller one.
                The surf shop guys basically said it's not your typical mal - it has way more rocker than a regular mal. I agree with that part.
                For me personally this board has been fantastic so far - I've had it in a range of waves. It can definitely handle fast and hollow waves really well.
                I returned to surfing after about 20 years and found that I just couldn't surf. I am a large person which doesn't help. I didn't want a longboard at first but I just found I wasn't getting any waves. Then I got a real big one and it all came back in time.
                This board feels a lot more refined than my previous big board but still big enough to get most waves.
                It surfs beautifully. It really does. It's beautifully made too. No pressure dents even.
                I think these submoons are a very good board. Nev is a very good shaper. At my size the range of boards is pretty small - I was a bit worried that this might not be big enough big I needn't have worried.
                So there it is- if you continue on and get one I hope it works out for you.


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                  Nice! Did you get a 9.5? What fins are you using..I ordered a set of Futures Lost Large, but am not sure if the center fin is going to be big enough (4.65 inch height) with the rocker if I run it as a thruster.


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                    Yep 9í55Ē
                    8 inch? Centre fin and 2 fcsii side bites that are quad rears.
                    That set up is fine. Probably donít even need the side bites but with all those boxes kind of needed to put something in them.
                    I think as a quad it will go even faster.
                    Overall love this board


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                      Oh I forgot to mention that on my board the centre fin sits in an old school fin box, not a fcsii plug. The fcsii fins donít fit in it - not without an adapter at least. Personally I donít mind this as there is a lot more options both size and placement with a box.