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Chubby Chedda or Sub Scorcher

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  • Chubby Chedda or Sub Scorcher

    Hi guys.
    I am currently looking for a small wave board and have narrowed it down to a 5'7 Chedda at 25.5 litres or a 5'6 Sub at 25.2 litres. I have heard that both boards a very similar . While both boards volumes should suit me being 66kg, I am also pretty tall for my weight at 5'11.

    My question is should I go the 5'7 Chedda because of the extra length to suit my height? Or is it simply a case of 'Splitting hairs' between these two boards?

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    which of the two boards would be more responsive/loose?


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      Originally posted by Stoop-a-loop View Post
      which of the two boards would be more responsive/loose?
      I would say that the difference in length is not a huge factor for your height. Not ridden the CC but looks a bit more performance orientated than the SS. I ride a 508 Ss and at 5"7 it's a great little board. I love my 504 PN because its shorter than I am and so easy to throw about. You will get a Cc easer now that the Ss is been replaced.


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        Thanks any idea on what is replacing the Sub Scorcher?


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          V2 rocket is coming this year


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            Is there anywhere I can look up the rocket? look at possible sizes etc?


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              The smallest one listed in the FW catalogue is 5'6 x 19.25" x 2.25" - 26.3l.

              Personally I'd go with the 5'7" CC. I loved my old FST Sub Scorcher but always wished it had a touch more length at a similar volume so the CC nails this. Plus the bottom contours are going to make it more responsive in smaller surf. The FST Sub has a single right through which feels good in punchy little waves but the CC has a single to double with perhaps a slight vee off the tail which will keep it very free feeling.

              That said if you're a fan of boards with a straight single concave, low rocker with a bit of kick in the tail then the Sub goes fantastic. Being tall for your weight though I'd be looking to keep some length. The 5'8 Sub felt short for me at 6'0" so the 5'6" might feel really short for you.


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                Also have a look here.


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                  Pretty cool. Thanks for posting. Pile Driver photo is actually a Sub Scorcher.


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                    yeah not sure how that version got out there, but that was a placeholder because we didn't have the Pile Driver photographed yet.

                    Here is what it should look like per the 2013 catalog.

                    Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 11.39.36 AM.jpg