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  • More info on the sub scorcher

    I am thinking of getting a sub scorcher. I sold my domi and hellfire a few months ago to buy an Al merrick DFR. That will probably not go down well with all you Firewire lovers, but I now need a board for small weak stuff. I like the durability of the FST technology. I don't want anything to grovelly like another domi. I want a board with a bit of performance that will handle small weak stuff. Will the sub scorcher be a good choice?

    Secondly, does the board have a low tail rocker and what are the bottom contours like i.e single to double etc.

    Any advice would be greatfully recieved. Thanks

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    Hey Nelly.
    The Sub is exactly what you're after I reckon. I had one for about a year and it was probably my favourite board ever for stomach to head high waves. I regret selling it really.
    It just comes down to how well the volume of those stock sizes fits you. For me the 510 was a touch too long and wide and the 508 a touch too little volume which meant I needed a half decent wave to get the 508 going.
    I found the Dom and Spitfire a touch bulky even in smaller waves as the beaches around here can be quite dumpy so I found the Sub to be the perfect compromise. The low entry rocker and wider nose make it paddle and catch waves well. The wide tail block gives your back foot plenty of support in weaker stuff but the rails are pretty refined and there's not too much bulk in the board so it's still responses really well under foot.

    It's got a fairly low rocker throughout but there's quite a kick in the rail rocker in the tail which makes it nice and loose still on a steeper face but the single concave running through the whole board keeps the centre rock line fairly flat. It's a fast and fun little board and very well suited to our local waves, even as an all rounder until it's well overhead and powerful.


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      Thanks for the reply PRJ.

      I think it is the board for me. I was a bit concerned about the ammount of tail rocker. All the reviews and descriptions i have read about the board mention a large ammount of kick in the tail. I want a board with a fairly flat rocker throughout. My DFR has a ridiculous ammount of tail rocker which is awsome in sucky hollow waves but you may aswell not bother if the waves are fat or mushy. So I want the sub for the small crappy days.

      Would you say the single concave is subtle or fairly deep. I know it sounds anal but I have'nt had a look at one in the flesh yet. My local surf shop have sold out of them so it might be an internet purchase. I have never bought a board without having a good look at it in the shop first so i'm a bit cautious.


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        What size are you after? I think Down the Line have a second hand 510 in stock that you could eye up just to get the feel of.

        The single concave isn't anything crazy, fairly standard depth I'd say. The tail rocker isn't extreme like the DFR but it's a lot more than boards like the Dominator.

        Here's a concave shot

        And a rocker shot

        I still have a few photos of mine scattered about so let me know if you need anything in particular and i'll see what I have

        Edit: The full concave shot doesn't seem to be loading so that's the best I've got. I think it was around that depth right through.
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          thanks PRJ!!