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Sub-Scorcher vs Chubby Chedda vs HellFire?

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  • Sub-Scorcher vs Chubby Chedda vs HellFire?

    Thinking more and more about replacing my 5'8 Spitfire into something else. Will be my allrounder for average-good surf, fit in between my Sweet Potato and Alternator, but the waves here tend to be a bit weaker.
    Was originally considering a 5'11 El Fuego, but it seems like it might be hard to find one.

    Thinking of a 6'0 Sub Scorcher or a 6'1 Chubby Chedda. Could have gone smaller, but want the extra volume in weaker waves and want to get into waves early/easy (the reason for why I want to change my 5'8 Spitfire for something else).
    I like the 5-fin setup on the Hellfire, and might consider than one as well.

    How do they compare? And will they overlap a lot with my 6'2 Alternator ?

    I'm rethinking my quiver, as I do feel like my wave-count have gone down a bit then swapping the 5'10 Dom for a 5'8 Spit. So I'm going back to something with more volume, but would like something that feels at home in better waves... my dominator did feel chunky when taking off in bigger or steeper waves.

    Also open for other surfboard suggestions :)

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    I've had the HF/Alt and currently have a Sub. I love the Sub but I think it really depends if you like a straighter rail line for smallish wave boards or some curve. I really like the straighter rail line so have a strong bias towards the Sub. At least the way it feels to me, is I get more paddle and drive at a lower volume. The HF was fun but felt like it wanted to be on the rail more than my skills+the waves I usually ride allowed. I mainly surf in SAn Fran punchy beach breaks so I spend most of the time racing down the line trying to make sections- not trying to bury rails; so keep that in mind too. In those waves the Sub crosses over with an Alternator around the 4ft to 6ft mark. At 4ft I could ride either but prefer the Sub. At 6 I could ride the Sub but I really shouldn't and would have a much better time on an Alt


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      Erling, I have a 6'0 Sub and i am the same size as you i find the size is perfect i can get waves 2ft to 6ft but find it struggles a bit with fuller fatter waves but on average to perfect conditions the board is a great alrounder and i surf it 90% of the time, its getting bashed around a bit and i will replace it soon with either a 6'1 Chubby or wait and see what other new models come out next year. Its a good go to board and thats why its always in the car.


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        I would recommend Baked Potato or Potatonator! Both boards come with 5 fin setups. BP is more high perf than the SP. I was able to catch knee high to head high. Same goes for Pnator. AND more importantly they have great volume and works better than Dom or SP in better quality waves! :D



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          Just sold both my HF 6"6" and SP 6'4" and ordered a 6'6" Chubby should be here in a week or so, I had the same issue that the SF was a fun board however my new BP handles a larger wave range than my old SP so it was overlapping the SF and the HF was a nice board however just a touch under volumed, I wanted one board to choose from 4-7ft range and the Chubby was it so I will report back with my feedback once it arrives.
          My other consideration was the Vanguard 6'2".


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            How do you find your CC?
            I too found the HF a little under volume in the size I wanted and am looking for a board for the shoulder to head and 1/2 range when it gets better before I get on my step-up (64 Alt).
            Looking at the Sub 60, CC 61 or Unibrow 61.



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              Just to chip in on this thread...I've been riding a 5'6 Spit for over a year now, great board and couldn't fault it one bit. However; when the waves have a little more juice (not necessary size) i feel like there's a lot of rail and tail in the wave that kind of makes the board hold back a bit, i'm still searching for that magic board to do nearly everything and as my wave range is limited to where i live, i think this 1 board option is possible.

              So after reading everything about the Sub Scorcher, i still think this board is my small wave surfing destiny. PRJ cemented that in my head too with his none but positive reviews of being his 1 board pony some time back.

              So you don't think i'm a FW traitor, over the past year I had to sell 4 FW boards due to not getting on with them and lost a lot of money because of it, no ones fault, just the way of trail and error. (south coast UK demo centre please) Because we're talking 600 for a new sub i didn't want to get another purchase wrong, i did until recently have a bargain new PU 5'7 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/16 sub, overall looked great but man did that board have some float to it, way more than my 5'6 spit which surprised me, so sold it and lost no money. So with my continuation of looking for the 1 board all rounder for waist to head high, i managed to get another new bargain sub, this time only 19 1/4 wide. Yet to try but looks like it will suit my size and float better, 28 l is on the board so who knows.

              If all goes well this year with it i will likely partake in a 5'8 FW sub for Autumn. The only thing i'd like to know is what differences does the FW have over the PU (maybe best pointed to Matt Biolos's blog) To me the FW has a bit more width up front and no 'v' in the tail, but would i find the two any different in that there's only a 1" in length?


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                The FST version has a little more rail rocker in the tail to counter the loss of vee. I think it's more like the SS2/Pro that Matt is making now. I wish I never sold mine!


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                  Yeah i a good there's some other guy getting his fun on yer girl :)


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                    One of my mates as well!!!!


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                      N66, how did the 6'6" cc go? Have you surfed it in 5 or 6 foot?


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                        Yah nn66, how does it compare to HF? I too had a 6'6 HF ended up not liking it, liked da way it catched waves but had to move feet all ova da place to get it in rt position to turn it. I like my sub, jus came back to dat I really like squash tails and da pivot. Its da shortest board ive ridden. Looking at getting a CC 6'6 too or any news on unibrow. G