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Is FST same as stock PU Sub Scorcher

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  • Is FST same as stock PU Sub Scorcher

    I have an old PU Sub Scorcher I want to replace with a FST. But I swear I read something on the old message board or Matt's blog that he made some changes for the FireWire version. I can't find it now. Am I crazy? Anyone else remember seeing something similar?

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    The FST version is based off the Sub Scorcher Pro file rather than the standard Sub. It has a little more kick in the tail and no vee. It's also a 1/4" narrower than the stock PU dimensions.


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      Ride difference with no V and more flip?? Cheers


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        Well the V helps it to go rail to rail a little easier, but the extra tail flip would make for tighter turns on steeper parts of the wave.
        I'd say it'd feel a little more stable in better waves but the PU version might wrap turns on a fatter wave a bit easier.
        Not 100% in that though. You could always ask Matt Biolos the differences on his blog.


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          yeah they are close but prj has highlighted the differences pretty well.