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  • Futures fin setup

    Hey I'm 170 pounds before a full suit and just picked up a 510 sub... What are some decent fins for this beast? I was looking at maybe grabbing the tech flex ea? And for when I get my hpsb maybe grab some wcts?

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    Those are the two sets I'd be looking at in futures.


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      So as the ea's I would probably use them in less than perfect surf so should I be grabbing them in blakstix because the blakstix is more flexible?? Then get the wct in tech flex because it's for more powerful waves?


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        No idea haha. I'm sure the Futures junkies here will be able to offer some insight on that.


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          I am a similar size to you and would ride a 5'10 sub also but ride a very similar board but from a different shaper. I tend to find that I prefer to use larger fins in shorter wider boards particularly boards with a wide tail. And I will then change the size of the back fin depending upon the conditions. I don't think it's worth worrying about the make up of the fin as long as you get one of the better quality builds you won't notice any difference, I would be more concerned about the shape of the fin.

          I personally use the larger al merrick template which is the am2, I have also used the large Hayden shapes templete and they are also really good I just don't like an inside foil. I will then use a small back fin if I want to loosen up the tail a little for certain types of waves.

          For my hpsb I tend not to use a much smaller templete, as when I use my hpsb I am surfing better waves which are more powerful and am going a lot faster. I find if I use a small templete in power waves and I am pushing really hard out of my bottom turn I can spin out or I just can't push as hard as I want to be able to and therefor cannot get as critical. The only changes I make with my hpsb are in regard to the shape of the fin, I will ride a more upright fin in hollow barreling waves but if I am surfing a long walling point I will ride a more raked back fin.

          The best advise I have ever been given is to ride as many different fins as possible ans by doing that you will be able to figure out what you like the most, you may prefer smaller fins which are very upright or a larger my raking fin but you will only figure it out by trying. Take advantage of the demo program's that fin companies offer as it a cheap way to figure out what you like. The other piece of advice I was given when I rode Fcs fins is to begin with there standard templete in your size, for me at that point in time it was the 5 series. Then figure out with what you like and what you don't and move on to another templete and keep going until you find what you like.

          Hope that helps


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            Yeah I really enjoyed the 2.1 for the Pockety days and the k3 for drawn out days. The wct is similar to the 2.1 from what I've seen and the ea is raked out like the 3.. However the am2 is also similar to the 3 and would probably give me good small wave hold on that wide tail. So im definitely grabbing the wct and was thinking the ea also for the mushy or drawn out days. Now I'm debating between the ea or am2 you don't think the am 2 would be too big for the super small stuff?


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              Yep going ea's in Blak stix for my daily driver as that technology is supposedly more flexy, and I will grab the tech flex in wct for the Pockety punchy days. Anyone thoughts?


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                I have 6'4 sub does anyone have future advice for fin set ups for diff. size waves and conditions? im 5'10 195lbs. aloha, gkekoa