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Trade 5'10 Stealth for my 6' Stealth on the Gold Coast?

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  • Trade 5'10 Stealth for my 6' Stealth on the Gold Coast?

    I have a 6 Lost Stealth that I like a lot but is a bit too much board for my 69kgs.
    I was about to just sell it and buy a 510 Stealth and though it may be worth seeing if there was anyone on the Gold Coast wanting to go the other way. A straight swap or with some cash if necessary.
    The board is in very good condition
    If anyone is interested just send me an email

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    What is your email??


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      Hmm not sure what happened there. I thought it would show in my profile


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        surfbum - let me know how the 5'10 goes for your weight, i'm 68kg and 5'9 and also looking at the 5'10 in a few months in FST (none in the UK at the moment) Just don't want to go too big but i'm sure looking at the dims etc its perfect.



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          I bought a 5'9 FST and are same height/weight as you guys. It's great when the waves have a little bit of push, but now I wish I got a 5'10.
          I demoed the 5'10 in good head+half waves hollow and found it was a bit too much board. So I got the 5'9 and for that wave it's great and for bigger flat faced waves.
          Then I went out and got a lost rockup and ride that when head+half plus and it's better for it. More volume for bigger beaches too when lots of water moving. So now the stealth is more grovel.. hence 5'10 be better.
          I wouldn't go a 6'0 stealth, instead look at a dominator if wanted that much float...

          Stealth is a great board!