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  • Lots of questions !

    I'm currently riding the old flexfire, 6'6 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2 and a Webber fish. I'm 45 years old, 205 lbs, within 34 years surfing experience. Looking for a new two board quiver, with the deck of the flexfire now denting badly under the front foot. The flexfire feels a little small, especially in good surf so I'm looking for a little more float. Would you recommend the Lost Stealth in the 6'4 with similar volume to the Dominator, or the 6'2 with standard shortboard float. Looking at possibly the Lost F1 to go with it for quality surf, but was wondering whether Rapidfire technology would offer more protection against deck compression, as I always kill them ! If this is the case, with the F1 not available in this option, what would you go for ?

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    Sorry, should have said, looking for the Stealth, or something similar, for small to mid size days.


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      FST is the stronger tech in my opinion. However, RF does have a higher density foam under the bamboo, so although the bamboo will dent under your front foot, it could be that the foam will stabilise better than the super light foam in the FST construction once the deck had dented.
      I know Dave (corepersonaltraining) really likes the RF tech and he describes himself as a bit of a leadfoot.

      Model wise, have you thought about the new Michel Bourez model? It'll allow you to get a bit more float than the FF without having to go longer. It has a springer too which might help the front foot denting.


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        Looked at the Bourez. The 6'4 looks good, but wonder if it would feel short in good surf. What do you recon on the Stealth, do you ride them as a shortboard, or as a hybrid ? If you recon the FST is tougher, then that opens up more possibilities ! F1 as a good iwaves board and a Sub scorcher for small days. Or a Bourez, or Alternator, with a Spitfire or Dominator...I don't know ! Help ! Any idea what volume my old flexfire is, that may help


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          6'2 Dom for smaller days, 6'4 Hellfire for everything else both in FST.


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            I'd put your FF around 32l based on the current 606 x 19.25" x 2.63" Flexfire @ 33.6l.
            As for the Bourez feeling short, I guess that depends on what you're used to riding. A lot of people's standard shortboard lengths are around 2" longer than their height. That said, everyone seems to be loving shorter boards. A lot of the guys on here have been raving about the Hellfire in solid waves and that's riding a board 4" or so shorter than their usual shortboard. I'd normally be on a 6'2" but I've been shortening my shortboard down to 6'0" as I've been surfing 5'8"s in most conditions now and find when I get on a 6'2" it feels so long. It depends very much on the waves you're surfing, the way you like to surf and what you're used to I guess. I think the 6'4" Bourez would feel plenty long enough though, especially if you aren't over 6ft tall.

            As for the Stealth, it's a hybrid board but very close to a shortboard. I think you'd typically ride it 2", maybe 4" shorter, but I hear they go best when the waves have a little bit of quality rather than full junk and they are really high performance boards despite being hybrids.
            I'm riding the Sub Scorcher myself and can't say enough good things about the board. I've used it in small chest high stuff right up to head and a half ground swell and it held in it all. It's the only board I've surfed since I bought in October. That said, the Dom and Spitfire are amazingly fun boards, and it looks like there's plenty of new smaller wave models coming out this year as well. Too many choices!


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              Yep, you said it ! I am 6'2, but the float on the Bourez looks good. The F1 also looks great at 33.9. Thanks for the info on the Stealth. I think I've possibly made my mind up ! An F1 and Sub Scorcher. Just got to find them in stock somewhere now. May try and find full deck grip, to protect them a bit, if I can.