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stealth size question please help

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  • stealth size question please help

    Aloha party people
    i have a few questions that i hope you guys can help me with.first i want to give you information about me, i am 43 years old been surfing since i was 17, i am 5'6 155 pounds and i live in maui, i surf 3 or 4 times a week. i kinda stopped surfing for about 14 months or so, but i just went on a surf trip and got back into surfing again, i am super stoked on it now!!!! i rode a 6'0 in el salvador and my buddy rode a 5'10 stealth firewire, as well as another friend. the guys were ripping they were both bigger and taller than me than me by 20 pounds and a few inches,yet they were catching waves very easily, it was about 3 to 7 feet most days,and the boards looked like they were really fast, i am hooked.
    so my dilemma is what size stealth should i get, i surfed for 4 weeks straight 6 hours a day, i thought my 6'0 poly board was too big. i was thinking of getting a 5'10 for beach break shitties or a 6'0 what do you think i should get?????? or maybe a 5'9 i don't know i'm really confused. i think i have landed maybe 7 airs in my life and im kinda of a power surfer, so for many years i was charging big waves on the north shore of maui, now my home break is a little beach pound and i want a board that can be fun in bad conditions , maui is windy and waves get blocked by other islands. i just want to surf 2 to 8 foot waves no big stuff for me.
    155 to 160
    43 yrs young

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    hey voodoolou,
    it sounds to me like the 510 is your board then, especially if your 600 felt big. Just to be safe, however, why don't your share the dims of that board so we can match it for you...



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      Thanks chris, i think the 5'10 is the way to go i went to the shop and felt the 5'9 was too chippy i thought and the 6'0 stealth felt too bouyant, i think i made up my mind 5'10 and i can't go wrong, unless you guys are making the white rapid fires for the stealth. thanks again chris. im ordering it today!!!!!