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Lost Stealth - Quad or Thruster

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  • Lost Stealth - Quad or Thruster

    What is the preffered fin set up for the Stealth? I am unsure which setup (Quad or Thruster) to go and have no way of testing future fins.

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    i would say that you should try both if possible. get yourself a good 5 fin set...

    I personally would ride it mostly as a thruster because I think it rides a bit more like a conventional shortboard, but there are definitely arguments to try it both ways...



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      Hey, I'm going through the same issue. I'm about to buy a 5'10 stealth and was very keen on riding it as a quad but have my current fins as a backup thruster set. I was thinking about either getting the FCS Q-PC5 set of the Kinetik BI-Q4 fins. I'm leaning towards the Q-PC5 set which in the PC-5 front set and a GX-Q rear set. Has anyone had experience with either of these and could offer advice?



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        I've always enjoyed more upright quad sets like the K2.1 and SF4 sets.


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          I was running the GAM up front with the SF4 rears, but I recently switched the rears to the Q-1 (super upright / pivoty). I like these rears so much better. I tested both sets out in waves that were around 5-8ft. With the SF4s in the back, I had monster drive . . . I would actually say too much lol. Once I put the Q-1's in the rear, I noticed that the board felt like it was paddling with less drag (I felt this getting into waves too). The fins are definitely more pivoty and the board feels livelier (and turns tighter), which is just what I was looking for.

          Now I just need to experiment with swapping the front fins out. The GAM's are so big and raked out, but I'm having a bunch of fun with the current setup, so no complaints or whining or anything. I just love messing around with different setups :)


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            so whats the difference between the simon anderson 2 and 3s and the k2.1??? been surfing my whole life and just started experimenting with quads


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              rick on stealth sequence.jpg

              TC Aqualine Sides
              AB Tow Rears
              VS Nubster in rear top tab

              Since these went in this board, they haven't come out, All the speed of the quad, and the control of a thruster.
              This board has become my daily driver for its versatility of mush to overhead
              If there was one thing i could change about this board, it would be to give it just a bit of nose kick, nothing drastic, just like the sub-scorcher! then it would be the ultimate quiver killer.
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                hey joe i tried the k quads, and loved it. i just bought the k.2 thrusters and i cant wait to try them, i tried the k3 thrusters, but i felt they were to big and i was stalling a lot , it felt i had lead weights on my fins,on waist to head high hawaii surf shore pound. i also tried some SA3 quads and they felt a bit stiff, i was thinking of getting the H3 thrusters also. ill let you know whats up soon


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                  You should like the H3's...they are a great fin for boards like the Stealth. I also used to use the H3 in the front and the deviate fin in the back....nice and loose but still with the drive of a quad. Try it.


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                    Stylar - I was wondering if you could clarify what "rear top tab meant"? I'm assuming this is the tab that is closer to the nose (not the one that is closer to the tail)?

                    It seems kind of weird for me to put the nubster in there since it would be right in between the rear fins, but I've heard other people rave about this Stealth setup as well.

                    I love the nubster in some of my other boards, but the two times that I've tried it in the stealth (with SF4 set, GAM/SF4, and GAM/Q1, it has always made it feel a bit more sluggish. Part of the problem might be the monstrous GAM side fins.


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                      Hey scotty, I put the knubster it the top tab, meaning the the one closer to the nose of the board, which does put it right in the middle of the back quad fins, if you put it in the rear tab closest to the tail, it anchors the board and makes it next to impossible to turn, which is what happened to me the first time i tried it, the next day, just thought i put it in the top tab and it went magic.

                      Because of the stealth's unique wide bat tail, and the relation of the rear quad fins to the bat points in the tail, the board pivots on a dime, in smaller or fuller waves, the stealth performs as a quad with no problems, its when you start getting into 4-6 solid waves you will notice the board will weave more than needed giving you that skatey feel, and this is where the knubster comes into play. Positioned in the top tab the knubster just straightens your down the line drive and gives that extra needed hold when hard bottom turning. Best of all there is 0 impact on the release when cracking it off the top of a wave.

                      Actually in the picture of me a few post up, I didn't have the knubster then just the quad setup, and out of the six shots you see, it was the first image where I'm doing a hard bottom turn where I felt the most out of control, like the board was about to pivot from underfoot, and I remember i had to hold to turn and hit the section a little further down than i actually wanted too. That's the difference the knubster has made with this board, gives you that thruster control feeling but with all the speed the quad.

                      hope this helps scotty,

                      If in doubt give it go yourself, you'll start felling it work after a few waves, and once you do the knubster wont come out again.




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                        Thanks so much for the clarification man; I really appreciate it. Yep, I only tried the nubster in the tab closest to the bat tail and like you said, it was a disaster. You're right about the Stealth being pretty damn good as a quad in average sized waves; I've been really impressed with the design. Just thinking about it I'm grinning and getting stoked to get back out in the water. Still using same GAM / Q1 setup though - need to get off my ass and start experimenting. Just wish the AB-TOW's were a bit cheaper haha


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                          Stylar your the man , I was having trouble here in Maui with my knub, also , I just couldn't figure out why I was stalling down the face, even changing up my quads, so thank you, I love my stealth !!best board I ever had, what's a good step up board!? Any thoughts