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Another stealth sizing question - Torn between Two

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  • Another stealth sizing question - Torn between Two

    Hey all,

    I know this is a re occuring question but I'm about to buy a Lost Stealth and and completely torn between the FST 5'9 and 5'10.

    My Stats are:
    Age 33
    Fitness : average/ Buggered after 2 hours on a beachy
    Height - 5'9
    Weight - 68kg of 150lbs
    Experience - surfing 20 years but only 10 years on a surfboard.Surfing but only surf around once a week or fortnight (unfortunatly)
    I'm a fairly confident surfer mainly surfing waist to 2-3ft over head high 85% beach breaks with the occasional double head high days. Anything from fat wally waves to sucky runners. Not a huge top to bottom surfer but enjoy getting some sharp snappy turns in as wells as mellow drawn turn.

    I am currently ridding a Mick Fanning DHD 6'1, 18 1/4", 2 3/16. I like the volume of the board but would like a little for the grovel days. I'm not sure what the volume of this board is but I was thinking of leaning towards the 5'10 stealth in a quad setup. The little bit of volume and paddle power would be good but I don't want it to compromise the feel on larger days. I'm hoping the boards will last a fair few years for me and am expexting my fitness and weight to may vary a bit Its inevitable

    Anyway whats your thoughts, I know its probaly a bit more volume that I need but it might be the way to go for my surfing style?

    Any help would be greatly appreciate.

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    Ryan, I am 41 and surf better now than I did at 33 and haven't noticed a massive drop off in fitness. Sure if I am out of the water for weeks I suffer on the first 2 surfs, but normally get fit quickly when its on. Dont write yourself off too young ..Kelly is 41 next Feb !!.


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      I think even the 509 would have a touch more volume than your DHD but the 510 will probably feel pretty good if you're looking for a bit extra. You could definitely surf the 509 though.


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        I had a look at the 509 but unfortunatly they didn't have a demo. There are only one or two stores that Demo Firewire around Newcastle and even they don't have a big range. I definitly feel the 509 would be better on the head hight plus beachies that are a bit sucky. Although if I went for a 510 for paddle power do you think it would make much of a difference on those larger 1 1/2 head plus days? I know it would definitly be better for the grovel surfs. Its a lot of money to get it wrong hehehe..


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          Yeah, it will make a difference on the bigger will get in earlier. You are a 5'10 all day in my book.


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            Cheers FW-Fan, 5'10 sounds like it could be promising. Only ever riden 6'1" ish pu boards so feeling a bit out of my comfort zone buying a firewire. Looking forward to given one a run though.


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              true that!!!!


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                hey im going through same thing, my issue is 5'10 or a 6'0, i'm 43 155pounds fit 5'6 need help deciding


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                  voodoolou, how well do you surf and what do you currently ride?