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spitfire sizing - 5'7'' 117lb/53kg -beg./intermediate - for a GIRL

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  • spitfire sizing - 5'7'' 117lb/53kg -beg./intermediate - for a GIRL

    Hey, so here's my story:

    I've only been surfing a lot since a year, before I was just surfing like 3 weeks a year during summer vacation.

    I started with a el fuego 6'3 (39.8 L) a year ago (I had a NSP 6'8 funboard before that for years) and loved it from the first minute on it. It got too big a few months later, so I bought a 6'0 Dominator (34.8L) in November 2011, which I loved. I had a little bit of adjustement time because it was a lot less volume, but not much. Recently, I was starting to feel again that the dominator was becoming too much volume for my improved skills again.

    So last week in France I broke the Dominator in overhead waves - (I got smashed down by the lip of the wave and the leash got wrapped around the board, in case you're interested in that story) - I'll get the board fixed at the local surfstore, but it won't be quiet the same, so I need a new board - and def one with less volume.

    I would say my surfing is really beg./intermediate: I can do good bottom turns, good take offs (most of the time) and do cutbacks since a few months (but really not good ones!!), and I know how to pump for speed and yeah thats already it!

    the volume calculator gives me a volume range from 25 - 30liters with my skills, age (28) and average fitness.

    Can I get a 5'6 Spitfire (28.3L) or is this too advanced/small as I'm 5'7 tall? Or a too big step down from the volume of the 6'0 Dominator? Is it better to get a 5'8?

    Or should I look at another model that has less volume in a bigger size like the Hellfire 5 10 or the Sub Scorcher because they are less wide, or are these boards too advanced for me?

    I want to get an easy to ride "short board feel like board" that feels "alive" when I'm on it, meaning good reaction when I want to do turns, but it has to be forgiving as well.

    I mostly ride smaller waves with not that much power and this new board is gonna be my only board (I improve a lot so it makes no sense to replace 2 boards every few months)

    Thanks a lot guys,


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    I'd say you could go for the 5'6" with the knowledge that it's going to take some work to get dialled or go 5'8" and risk needing to down size again sooner.
    For your needs the Spit is a good shape. The 510 Sub would be fun too and I think the volume would sit right between those two Spitfires.
    The Hellfire likes a little better wave do it depends on your conditions as to whether that's a good pick.


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      The Hellfire will be a more challenging board for sure.I believe you are on the right track with the Spitfire!!!
      I do think that the 5'6"will be a bit challenging... maybe a bit too much, so to play safe (specially at your current experience level) I would have to recommend the 5'8". It is truth that will be more than plenty flotation but you will be catching waves all kinds and it will feel like your old Dominator but in Steroids!!!!!


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        Hey Swissgirl,

        PJR & iggy are spot on!

        I love my spitfire its a very versitile shape (works well in small & better sized waves) & a perfect step up in performance from the Dom!

        I recommend you get the 5'8" which is a bit less volume than your Dom but not so much you will struggle!

        You should still paddle in easy & have a blast once up & running!

        The thing is you will keep improving the more you surf it so down the track you will be looking for another board but then maybe you can consider a more refined shape like the Hellfire, Hellrazor etc for when the waves get better!

        I'm very interested to hear more on how you broke your Dom.....that must have been some heavy lip you got caught in!

        I find the spit very easy to paddle, its forgiving, stable & hold a wave well while also reacting quickly to your control & flying along in any direction you guide it!

        Enjoy & turn that :( around!


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          Wow, I'm like 90kg and you're 53kg. A huge difference. I actually think at 53kg a 5'6" Spit would probably be fine based on what you are describing. I reckon it would be hard to progress more on the Dom at your weight - you're on the right path. Go 5'6"!

          The other alternative is just to get a hybrid shortboard. I really like the look of the Lost Minnie Driver. That board at around 5'6" to 5'8" would also be an interesting choice. I'd tend to that board in truth.


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            Thanks a lot guys!!

            I will go for the 5'8'' Spitfire, just to be on the safe side for now and get something smaller/more performance later. Or the 5'10'' Sub..!?

            Hard decision - but I'll guess I'll be on the safe side with both.


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              Spit will be the path I would go. The wider tail and the fin config are two things you'll be able to take advantage from at your current skill level


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                Swissgirl, I am not on the same page as the others on the Spitfire/diamondtail. I would recommend the Activator for smaller surf with flexibility to surf larger waves just by changing fins. Hellfire as your larger wave board or go to a Quadrafive, Hellraizor or Alternator


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                  The key in here is where do you surf? If you surf in some beach breaks like Lacanau or Biscarosse along the SW coast, then the Spitfire 5'8 is not such a bad choice, but why not a Potatonator (5'6 or even 5'4) then! If you're further south like Anglet / Biarritz, it can be much bigger, hollower and suckier as well so the Spitfire 5'6, Hellfire or even Hellrazor would suit you well (but may be not as an allrounder).

                  When I surfed my Spitfire (5'8) for the first time, it didn't feel too small, just soooo fast! So considering your vitals, I wouldn't go for the 5'8 but more on the 5'6. You're not surfing to be on the 'safe side', you'll get use to a smaller volume after only a few surf.


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                    Yeah, not to double post to say the same thing (ok, I am) but when I think back I learnt to surf when I was around 14 on boards around the 5'8" mark, and I would have been at least 65kg then, and that was in an era of fatter, wider boards. Just for complete accuracy in storytelling, my first board was a 6'4" single fin, next was a 5'10" MR twinny, and next was a 5'8" (could even have been a 5'6") twinny.

                    So against that background I reckon a 5'6" board for someone 10kg's lighter, particularly when amply foamed, would be fine. If it was your first board that wouldn't be the case, but for a third board I think you should be getting pretty close to the dimensions you intend to surf going forward.


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                      Yeah I agree the 506 has ample volume for you at 53 kg.
                      Maybe try to hold one and see if it feels right for you.


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                        thanks for all the helpful insight folks!!