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My new 506 Spitfire

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  • My new 506 Spitfire

    Hi guys,

    My new FST Spitfire is all up and ready. Can't wait to ride it. I hope it will float me well enough. I am 5'8 around 68 kg and consider myself early intermediate.
    Will be riding the Spit in mushier waves.

    photo 1.jpgphoto 4.jpgphoto 3.jpgphoto 1.jpg

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    Beauty. Id say the size was right on.


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      Cliff. I'm 5'9 and 70kg and I use my 5'6 spit in everything from waist to headhigh. Probably the most versatile board firewire have made. You might have to get some larger fins though, but see how it goes with g3's first. Rock on man!


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        Yeah I'll second that. As a thruster, on a small board, I like larger fins.


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          Cool looking board dude, make sure you get yourself a set of quads as well cause they really help you fly in the smaller stuff! Enjoy!


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            pjr noticed you got a 5'7 spit, you get that as a custom or you done a wacky repair to the nose? Also when's this swell coming its still looking pretty flat here in st ives (on hols)


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              I sawed the diamond tail off into a squash haha.

              Still looking very flat in Porthtowan too. Not sure if we'll see anything until tomorrow. 'Meor has got to be a good bet for tomorrow though!


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                Thanks Prj, Baker and Surfgumby.

                Baker, it's good to hear positive feedback from you on the Spit. Will try out larger fins as thruster if my current one doesn't work. Thanks for the advise.

                Surfgumby, definitely looking for a quad set and I am looking at the K2.1.

                Prj your board looks almost brand new except for some foot wells.

                Hope you guys enjoy your next surf.


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                  That board is nearly 2 years old now. The bottom has a bit of a sun tan and there's a few knocks on the rails but yeah it's still holding up great!


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                    Love it, bit of self styling! Yep i'm overlooking the beach at meor so hopefully in the morning the sea will create some magic, then i'm back home south for some wind swell sat/sun.


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                      Feel free to throw up a quick post in the morning if it looks fun and I'll head down! :D


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                        A truly beautiful board. I would go quad like everyone else has kinda said, you will love it!

                        Eventually I will own a Spitfire. I keep waiting for one to come up used on Craigslist. I might have to wait a while as everyone seems so happy with them.