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Spitfire or Activator??

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  • Spitfire or Activator??

    Hi guys, anyone able to shed some light onto what the difference in feel is when riding these two boards?

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    Think of the Activator as a board that will give you a little more flexibility to surf bigger surf and will give a bit more control in faster conditions. You have a slightly longer rail line, ride it about an inch longer, and less tail area resulting in an overall better performer on better days.

    The differences are subtle as they both fall in the "hybrid" category but the Avtivator should be the choice of someone looking for a board to handle the said conditions. Think the 3-4ft range for the Activator and the 2-4ft range for the Spit...

    hope this helps get things started.


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      right! I was thinking that the activator was more versatile than that... I was leaning towards the activator. I've read a couple of other threads and instead of making it easier I'm now also considering the el fuego! It seems that firewire just make to many damn good boards!

      I don't know if it makes it any easier to offer advice but I surf FCS and am looking at the FST. I'm around an intermediate surfer, pulling into cover ups (hoping to make it out of the green room on the trip!), starting to get good carve backs and getting off the lip now and then.


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        Hi Chris, any chance of getting the Activator into the board comparison?