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What would you do? Dominator or Spitfire

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  • What would you do? Dominator or Spitfire

    Been surfing the Dominator at 6'2" for the past year and love it. I am going to sell the 6'2" for sure as I tried my buddies 6'0 DOM tonight and I can manage it no problem.

    I am ready to go down a notch to the 6'0" and get a little more out of my board.

    My dilemma is do I go with a 6'0" Spitfire or do I go with a 6'0" DOM?

    I already have a Hellfire, which I have not surfed that much, and think I will really like it once I get going on it.

    What do you guys think?


  • #2
    As you have the HF I'd go Dom. There's something about that constant curved outline with the round tail.


    • #3
      5-11 Activator.. skip the Dom and the Spit..
      Activator has its tailed pulled in more than both. Same board from the fins forward.


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        I'd say the Dom for differentiation, you already know you love it, and it's frankly a prettier board. I don't mean pretty by the way in terms solely of aesthetics, although there is that. But equally it's pretty in the form follows function sense.


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          Kinda what I was thinking.


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            yeah I agree that the dom might be the call, especially if you tried it an loved it. The activator could be good too, but as buzz said, the differentiation factor makes the dominator a little more attractive.