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Spitfire review: this just might be my "Magic" board

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  • Spitfire review: this just might be my "Magic" board

    Just rode my 6'4" spitfire and I am super stoked!!!! *Wave conditions were waist to shoulder high, pretty weak swell and tide was rising.*

    I weigh about 185 lbs, 5' 10", 42 and am an intermediate surfer that needs all the help I can get paddling*getting into waves (have short arms, slight rotator cuff issues and my fitness isn't what it once was). I get out 1 or if I am lucky 2 times a week and surf South OC, from T-Street, Cottons, uppers, lowers, middles, church and some San-O. I wanted to change my quiver so I have less boards, but smarter and more purposeful.

    These are the board I sold, to help reduce my quiver, I sold all 3 of these and replaced with ONE spitfire:

    1. 6'3" Griffin 5 fin ModFish (really fun and great backside board, but if you put a slight bit of too much pressure on front, pearl city, was my #2 board). *This board seems like it should have been perfect for me, but it doesn't handle putting much front foot pressure on it at all, it's a bit heavy and doesn't paddle as well as the spitfire due to the increased rocker.*

    2. 6'5" Stretch F4 quad-epoxy (probably was my favorite board, super fast, easier to catch waves than one would think based on dems, my go to). 6' 5" x 19.5" x 2.63". 33ml volume (that seems low). Not as pivoty as my higher volume spitfire (guessing the step down rails really help).*

    3 6'6" Merrick Red Beauty. (I thought this would be my favorite, had wide and thicker rails, beak nose which gave it lots of volume, but I loved my stretch so much more, sold it just doesn't suit me for some reason). Also, even though it had lots of volume and a flatter rocker, it didn't catch waves or wasn't nearly as fast as I was hoping.*

    My 6'4" rapidfire spitfire, ridden as a quad with AM2 fronts, futures 375 rears and an insert to fill the 5th fin box (I hate leaving the last fin box exposed and hate to think of the drag it would create).*

    Surfed T Street tis AM and at the time ONLY long boarders were out, so I thought I was in trouble. Waves were weak too, but the first 3 waves I paddled for, just before I was ready to give up, I could feel my board start to pick up speed and ended up catching them. Super happy!!!

    Some initial impressions

    I am much more of an old school flowy surfer than the really aggressive kids now, so typically fish and hybrids work better for me.*

    1. *Wave catchability: excellent for a "short board". Better than my stretch F4, Merrick or Modfish, pretty similar to a much larger 6'4" Hanel Quad Fish that I own.*

    2. *Speed: *very good+: *some people say it isn't isn't a board that is front foot heavy, I would say it is very very well balanced for me. The F4 was a little more front foot, Modfish and Merrick much more rear foot.*

    3. Pivot: *Very good+: *seems to cut, hit lip, carve and perform round houses better than my F4 and Modfish, maybe not quite as good as my Merrick, but hard to tell at this point. The light wt construction of the FireWire and 2" shorter might make this as good or better than the Merrick.*

    All in all, I can tell this is a great board for me. Most all of the positives of my Red Beauty thruster and 5 fin Griffin Modfish in the cutting, pivoting and workability while at the same time have similar speed and better wave catch ability than my F4 and Modfish.*

    I have a sweet potato I still have the stickers on, but something tells me I want to keep riding this for a while and am in no hurry to get off it. You know how you ride a board for the first time and sometimes it doesn't go as well as you hoped and you just tell yourself "it was just a bad day" or "the waves just weren't good enough" or "I just need to get use to it". Then on some boards, the ones you really end up being a "magic" board because it works the very first time you try it. That is where this board is, *I am very very happy!!!

    Thanks FireWire.*

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    wow barney stoked on your support and feed back!! glad the Spitty is working well for you! Make sure you put the potato through its paces though!!!



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      That is funny as I live right by T-street and surf there often. I will have to say hello if I see you. I ride my 6'2" Dom mostly as it is my favorite board. Will probably get a Spitfire in the future, stoked for you. I will probably surf it tomorrow morning. How was it out there? I know we just had some swell hit and I was out with a back issue for 2 weeks.



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        It was waist to shoulder and really pretty good shape. The tide effected it later, typical. I don't usually surf much down there, usually hit one of the trestles breaks but had a friend that had limited time, so walking the trail to trestles wasn't a good idea.

        I do take my family down there a lot on Sat in summer, too bad they always black ball the best break though.


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          I've been very happy with my spitfire too, it really works well in the smaller stuff and even if the conditions change and things get bigger and hollower it can handle up to overhead and a half easily enough though I much prefer the hellfire once it's over chest height. I like the spit over the dom because it turns a bit tighter and faster but the dom is still a great board in the same conditions there isn't that much difference. It will behave a little better in the pocket, the dom has in the past "jumped" off its rail when pushed too hard in the pocket. Usually on a quick take-off and there hasn't been the time to set up the bottom turn nicely and get the rail right in.


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            cheers slow man!


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              I think the Spitfire is my magic board too - it goes so well in everything iv taken it out in, waist high - a little bit overhead and I got a bit of a love relationship going on with it at the mo, Iv been running it as a quad with two front Soar Powerbase DLs and 2 SF4s at the back and it totally rips, its the board I find myself reaching for most of the time these days, paddles insane, wave count has gone through the roof. Loving it!


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                What a great board the Spitfire is I had a 6'4" Dom and a 6'5" EF and the Spitfire replaces both in anything from 3-6ft which in my experience the three boards perform there best. Unfortunately the 6'5" Hellfire has been sitting on the rack since I bought the Spitfire which has been about 6 weeks, I personally like the Spitfire as a Quad. I purchased the Spitfire as my go to board for Bali for anything up to 5ft and then the Hellfire will slot in after that I just wish the Hellfire paddled as well as the Spitfire, should be interesting with all those people in Bali I keep hearing about it's been 18yrs since I've been and I am sure I won't be sitting out Ulu or Bingin a 11am with 5 people on it.


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                  There will be 5 people on it at 11pm :D


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                    Okay back from Bali the waves were maximum 4 ft thank goodness i Had the Spitfire and the SP the Hellfire stayed in the board bag as well as the 7'2' Quad Gun. You certainly need a board with volume to cope with the masses of people trying to snake and weave and do just about anything to get a wave, I have not surfed snapper but it must close to what they deal with on the Gold Coast. Anyway it was a good trip going back after 18 years, the Spitfire was such a great board especially on backhand and I solely rode it as a quad felt very solid on steep reef breaks waves we had as well as the great beach breaks, I rode it 90% and the SP the other 10%.
                    I have attached a few pics of how the board performed.


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                      See previous post today for comments and more pictures_MG_6201.jpg_MG_6453.jpg
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                        Nice! That second one is a clinker!


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                          Nice turns!